Axl, finding, and renting agricultural equipment has never been easier!

On the 20th of May AFGRI Technology Services launched Axl, the location-based agricultural equipment renting platform.

Axl grants farmers access to the right machinery at the right time, no matter the size or needs of the farm, the app allows farmers to find, rent and pay for agricultural equipment through a secure online marketplace.

The keynote speaker, Niki Neumann identified the benefits for the two partners involved essentially the equipment owner and the equipment renter and how Axl drives a connection between these two parties allowing the owner of the equipment to electronically manage bookings, earn additional income from equipment that is standing idle and improve the cash flow of their enterprise. The key take away being that the platform offers a collaboration platform that is customizable to the needs of both parties. Niki Neumann further continued by inviting users to collaborate in designing future updates to Axl to better fit the market.

Some advantages Axl offers could be in the event of a tractor breaking down in the midst of planting season or there is a temporary need for specialized equipment or extra equipment, the renter will be connected to the nearest piece of equipment instantly through the Axl platform! makes use of geospatial technology in order to locate the nearest piece of machinery that is currently in demand, which reduces the usual transport time spent on machines and allows the farmer to optimize his costs and infield productivity. The geospatial technology breaks down the farm into fields and provides data regarding multiple characteristics of the field, enabling the farmer or contractor the make an informed decision whether they will grant consent for the piece of equipment to commit to work a specified field.

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Missed the webinar? No Problem! Watch the video below!





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