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AFGRI Equipment Workshops

Afgri Equipment Workshops

AFGRI Equipment has highly equipped workshops in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana and Western Australia. Maintenance and repairs are done on all John Deere products and other products that AFGRI Equipment delivers. We have Specialists supporting the workshop personnel with repairs and diagnostics on products. DTAC (Dealer Technical Assistant Centre) is an internet driven program from John Deere that operates worldwide. Product problems all over the world been reported on this system and solutions are provided. If a technician encounters a problem, he can always search the DTAC solutions first, because it might be, that somewhere in the world somebody’s already struggled with the same problem and a solution is already provided and readily available. 

AMS (Agricultural Management Solutions) is a set of highly evolved technology intensive systems and therefore AFGRI employed specialists on AMS. They give training to branch personnel and support them with difficulties and queries. 

In total AFGRI Equipment have more than 150 qualified technicians and train apprentices every year. The requirement from a best practice viewpoint is to employ 1 technician for every 70 self-propelled units sold in the last 10 years, although AFGRI maintains a 1:50 ratio. This enables us to maximize uptime and service excellence to our valued clients.

One of AFGRI Equipment’s strategies are to develop and empower personnel and therefore staff are trained at our different supplier partners regularly. We also run an internal training program that covers training that is not available at our suppliers, and is more focussed on practical and in field.

Through the year our specialists are ready to present customer clinics where they educate customers more about their products. This is important to get the most out of the investment and technology that changes frequently, to better use the features and allow that to translate into better savings, better efficiency and more uptime. You are more than welcome to ask your branch to order a clinic or to let us talk to your study group. At the moment we are ready to present the following clinics: AMS; Operations center; Combines; Waterloo series tractors; Mannheim series tractors; Utility series tractors; self-propelled sprayers and planters. Please have the confidence to ask for any other clinics, or advice.