Field and Crop Solutions

Field and Crop Solutions

John Deere Section Control and Variable Rate Application

Want the utmost level of precision when you spray, seed or spread?

John Deere Section Control minimize skips and overlap automatically, thanks to advanced section control technology. As a result, you can do a better job faster – and save money on fuel and materials too.

Teamed with Variable Rate Application, you are now able to apply the exact amounts of fertilizer, crop protection and seed required – with pinpoint accuracy.


    • Monitors moisture levels and feeds data to web-based interface
    • Helps you make timely irrigation decisions
    • Alerts you when moisture levels are reaching full or refill points
    • Help eliminate over watering, reducing nutrient leaching

    Moisture levels vary from field to field, plot to plot, but knowing when yield-robbing variances occur isn’t as easy to predict. Now it is with John Deere Field Connect Soil Moisture Monitoring. This straightforward solution helps you pinpoint where crops thrive, resources are protected, and profits soar.

    Intuitive and farmer-friendly, the John Deere Field Connect system comes with the full support of your John Deere dealer. Field Connect uses field-installed probes to monitor moisture levels at various depths. It then sends the information to a web-based interface where you can see the data on your computer or mobile device, so you can make timely irrigation decisions from anywhere.

    At the office or in the field, you can see if your soil’s moisture levels are balanced and decide what measures need to be taken, like making the call to apply more water to encourage uptake of nutrients, or less water to reduce leaching. Without delay or guesswork, you can advise your crew to make the adjustments needed to protect your yields and reduce costs. With your soil moisture levels balanced, your crops are able to effectively absorb fertilizers and pesticides, promoting higher yields and improved crop quality.

    And with new environmental sensors that measure air and soil temperature, wind speed, humidity, solar radiation, rainfall and leaf wetness, you’ll know exactly what’s going on — above the ground and below the surface.

    Call your John Deere FarmSight Certified Dealer today, and ask them how John Deere Field Connect Soil Moisture Monitoring can help you make more informed irrigation decisions.

    Read how Kip Cullers (world record holder for soybean yield) uses John Deere Field Connect and subsurface drip irrigation in his operation (originally printed in Farm Journal, October 2012).


    • Cost reduction
    • Operator comfort
    • Allows work order of main field and headland
    • Provide all required data; e.g. active ingredient
    Section Control is gaining importance for all application types.

    It has been proven that major cost savings are associated with Section Control systems on sprayers. Chemical prices are increasing year by year, and enormous cost savings are also possible in seeding or fertilizing tasks. With the ISOBUS standard, this functionality is now available not only for sprayers, but also for seeders/planters and spreaders.
    John Deere Section Control is available for all John Deere implements supporting ‘Section Control’ functionality. Specified non-John Deere implements are also supported.

    Overall customer benefits:

    • Cost reduction
    • High accuracy level
    • Timesaving
    • Operator can concentrate on other tasks besides operating sections
    • Higher comfort level reduces operator fatigue
    • Information management
    • Benefits for Sprayer

    Overlap and crop damage due to overspray can be avoided which reduces the application costs and increases efficiency. Because the headland is sprayed last, machine and implement are less prone to corrosion due to the passing of an already applied area (e.g. AHL application). The capturing of buffer zone and legal requirements for active ingredients are easily and precisely met.

    Benefits for Spreader

    Application costs are significantly reduced in a comfortable way. Work as you used to; main part of the field first, headland last. Quality and legal (distance to surface water) standards are assured and controlled.

    Benefits for Seeder

    Avoiding the passing of a seeded or planted area a second time significantly reduces application costs. There is no change in work organization required: main part of the field first, headland last. Quality standards are assured and controlled by providing all data (e.g. priming information) and the required seeding rate can be calculated in the field.


    • Cost reduction
    • Comfort
    • Allows work order of main field and headland
    • Provide all required data; e.g. active ingredient
    Less wastage, fewer skips – and higher yields

    When you’re spraying, seeding or spreading, Variable Rate Application matches application rates to actual field conditions as you move across the land – based on predefined application maps that you create with your desktop software. It also records application data on a field-by-field basis to support your planning for the next season.