Guidance Systems

Guidance Systems

As a matter of fact, depending on the guidance system and signal accuracy used, you can reduce overlap by up to 90%! John Deere guidance solutions are tailored to suit your operation and comfort level. They save you time, fuel and input costs with every pass on every hectare. And, because efficiency increases with accuracy, John Deere enables you to easily upgrade from one guidance system to the next.


    • Automatic guidance system
    • Optimizes machine efficiency
    • Reduces operator fatigue
    • Increased productivity

    Integrated AutoTrac System
    Top-of-the-line guidance comfortTo enjoy all the advantages that automatic guidance can offer, step up to the integrated AutoTrac system to simplify your operations. It will reduce input costs such as labour, fertiliser and fuel. It will increase efficiency as it boosts your bottom line. And it will work on the sprayers, combines and forage harvesters you rely on the most to do more.

    The integrated AutoTrac system vastly reduces overlaps on bare soil without guidance marks. It enables you to master straight and curved tracks. And you can work comfortably in low visibility situations.

    AMS: John Deere GreenStar 2630 display AutoTrac, are available in the of dealer AFGRI

    Put the integrated AutoTrac system to work for you

    When paired with a StarFire 3000 receiver and GreenStar display, the integrated AutoTrac vehicle kit provides optimum guidance accuracy

    See the difference the GreenStar 2630 display makes

    This monitor features a 26 cm colour touch screen display. And it is capable of running such programmes as FieldDoc, Harvest Doc or Guidance Pro Modules like iSteer, iGuide or iTEC Pro.

    AutoTrac system Choices
    AMS: John Deere tractors in field AutoTrac, are available in the of dealer AFGRI

    Choose the signal for your integrated, automatic AutoTrac guidance system solution based upon the accuracy you need for your applications.

    AutoTrac SF1 uses the FREE SF1 signal and is an excellent starting point for tillage, spraying and grassland applications. When you need higher accuracy for harvesting, seeding, planting or mowing you can upgrade easily to the SF2 signal with flexible activation periods – tailored to your needs!

    AutoTrac RTK System gives you high level accuracy for planting row crops, bedding, strip till, drip tape and any controlled traffic operation. It’s repeatability guides your machine down the same tracks day after day. Work with your own base station or profit from an RTK network in your area or go for StarFire Mobile RTK System.

    AutoTrac SF1 & SF2
    AMS: John Deere SPFH and tractor AutoTrac, are available in the of dealer AFGRI

    AutoTrac SF1 uses the FREE SF1 differential correction signal.*
    Excellent for: Tillage, spraying, and grassland applications e.g. slurry or fertiliser spreading.
    * Accuracy at the receiver: 33 cm – 95% of time; 6.5 cm – 68% of time; 11 cm – 50% of time.

    AutoTrac SF2 uses the highly accurate SF2 differential correction signal.*
    Excellent for: Harvesting, tillage, spraying, spreading, seeding, planting and mowing.
    * Accuracy at the receiver: 10 cm – 95% of time; 5 cm – 68% of time; 3.5 cm – 50% of time

    AutoTrac RTK System
    John Deere RTK Base Station AutoTrac, are available in the of dealer AFGRIRTK Base Station AutoTrac RTK System uses a ground based RTK station as “point of reference” for the ultimate in repeatable accuracy for your operation.

    With a ground based correction signal, GPS drift is essentially eliminated, thus your tractor can be guided down the same tracks, day after day, month after month or year after year.

    Benefits include:

    • Highly accurate, repeatable guidance in curves and straight tracks
    • One base station for multiple machines and RTK networks
    • Productivity and efficiency benefits
    • Reduced soil compaction
    • Increased operator comfort
    • Work in low visibility situations
    • RTK-Extend feature

    If you’re looking for a proven guidance system with proven payback, see your John Deere dealer to learn how you can put the advantages of AutoTrac System to work in your operation.

    AutoTrac & RTK Systems: where superior guidance leads
    AMS: John Deere RTK System AutoTrac, are available in the of dealer AFGRIPerfect repeatability

    If high-precision farming is your business, you need the utmost in guidance accuracy: AutoTrac & RTK Systems. The StarFire RTK signal combined with the AutoTrac system provides you with the most precise, repeatable guidance solution we offer. It makes easy work of applications such as listing and bedding up, row crop planting, strip tilling, ridge tilling, side-dressing and cultivating.

    Hassle-free RTK System

    For many operators the most convenient large-area RTK network may well be dealer run. Why? Renting a usage license at your local John Deere dealer eliminates the need to own a base station outright. The overall investment is lower. And you can forget about maintenance issues. And if that isn’t enough, farmers in many European countries can also increase the flexibility of RTK System by adding our StarFire Mobile RTK System. It provides pinpoint accuracy without being tied down by the range and availability of a local base station.

    RTK Extend

    With RTK Extend you can maintain the performance and full functionality of RTK System even when temporary line of sight obstructions occur. If the StarFire 3000 receiver has been powered for more than one hour, it will “extend” RTK System accuracy up to 15 minutes (two minutes if the receiver has been powered for less than one hour) following the loss of your base station signal.