If you want to make a profit in agriculture these days, you need to cut costs and grow your productivity every step of the way. That’s where the John Deere i-Solutions system can help. i-Solutions are a suite of electronic control systems we factory fit on our high productivity Combines, SPFH and Sprayers. Additionally, intelligent features for your tractor make i-Solutions your preferred choice, all year around. From tillage and seeding to spraying and harvesting, these intuitive, satellite-based systems boost efficiency of your field and business operations and give you undreamed-of accuracy, consistency, transparency and productivity – in any conditions and any season!


John Deere i-Solutions put intelligence into the machines, thereby easing the strain on operators and increasing your quality of output.


John Deere i-Solutions are the smart way to improve productivity, operator comfort and environmental protection. Unprecedented and award-winning solutions turn your operation into a profit centre.


We develop, build and factory fit our i-Solution modules ourselves. You can add new modules, move receivers and displays from one machine to another – even integrate non-John Deere implements or machines via the ISOBUS system. This is how i-Solutions seamlessly integrate into your operation.