Solutions and Desktop Software

Solutions and Desktop Software

Precision Pays: Lower Costs. Higher Yields. Environmentally Friendly.
Keep a close eye on your farming operation with more precise, complete documentation.
The GreenStar system provides planning and reporting tools to record data about field conditions, tillage practices, spraying applications, fertiliser rates, seed varieties and populations, weather conditions and more. Team it with desktop software and you gain a powerful, year round system that lets you optimise your operation and facilitates full documentation of your farming enterprise.
At the heart of all documentation solutions are the GreenStar common components. The GreenStar 2630 display is your user interface and collects data while you till, plant, spray, seed or harvest. The StarFire 3000 satellite receiver geo-references your operations.

1. Farm Management System: Desktop Software supports you in the analysis and optimizing of your business. The capability to plan upcoming operations in the field, and to create reports for sales or legal authorities at the push of a button, deliver additional value. This means less paperwork and more time to focus on what really counts.

2. Operation Planning: Year round, jobs can be planned ahead of time. This results in shorter setup times and complete data capturing. Prescribe application rates with the desktop software, taking into account the soil nutrient map and/or the yield map in order to optimize nutrient utilization.

3. Application in the field: Jobs define for you the task to be done in the field. Machine and implement are preset as well as detailed information on the task itself such as application rate.

4. Data recording: The data are recorded on a field by field basis. Depending on the kind of operation you do, you can get applied maps or even yield maps which can be transferred back to the desktop software.


MyJohnDeere makes it simple to access secure John Deere web applications:

  • Manage your John Deere Financial accounts, including online payments.
  • Collect and analyze machine and agronomic information.
  • Manage all your John Deere technology subscriptions.
  • Search for parts solutions—including inventory and pricing—then place orders.
  • Reduce the number of user IDs and passwords needed to access your applications.