Cotton Harvesting

Cotton Harvesting

CP690 – Cotton Picker



  • Improved non-stop round module harvesting with 4.4 mph max row unit sync speed
  • 13.5L Final Tier II engine with 590 peak horsepower
  • Next generation ProDrive™ with anti-slip regulation
  • New Premium LED lighting package
  • It would be easy to just slap a new model number on the same old machine. That’s not what we did. Instead, we took our original one-man, one-machine harvesting solution – which propelled the picker cotton industry to new heights – and made improvements that truly matter. We’re talking more power, more performance, and more speed. Basically, you get an upgrade to the revolutionary 7760. We now call it the CP690. You’ll soon call it ‘the best yet.’

  • Swing on over to the power module and you’ll notice a 13.5L 560 horsepower Final Tier 4 engine that includes an additional 30 horsepower boost so you can get your cotton harvested with no issues, even in tough conditions. That’s a 6% increase in power versus the 7760. Or, a better way of looking at it, the CP690 is able to harvest 10 acres an hour, making this machine the most productive cotton harvester in the world.

  • You already know what made non-stop harvesting the best performance feature in the market. So what ‘more’ is there? We’ll tell you. New ProDrive Automatic-Shift Transmission with anti-slip regulation offers superior front-to-rear traction stability. Effortless push-button controls let you change transmission speeds on the go. Just as simple is the multi-functional lever, designed for easy automatic module building with one-touch round module unloading. And when visibility is less than ideal, the new optional LED lightbar offers greater clarity late into the night, so you can harvest at Midnight as well as you would Noon. Now that’s the kind of performance you can really see.

  • A 5% increase in harvest speed may not seem like a lot, but when it’s time to get your cotton out, the ability to go 4.4 mph while harvesting starts to add up acre after acre. You’ll certainly appreciate finishing sooner. Rather, you’ll appreciate the extra acres harvested, the added fuel savings, having fewer hours on your machine, and the spare time to relax or spend with your family. And it’s not just harvest speed we’ve upped. There’s also a 5% increase in scrapping speed for a max of 5.3mph. Because every bit of speed counts.

  • Let’s keep you in the field longer and more productive than ever. That starts with the upgraded hydraulic oil service intervals, going from 400 hours on the 7760 to 1,000 hours on the CP690. Plus, easy-adjust row-unit doffers show you the true definition of ‘reduced downtime,’ allowing for quicker and more frequent fine-tuning using only the row-unit wrench. And for your convenience, an auxiliary fan is now included for better-quality cleaning of the rotary screen and pre-cleaner. Not to mention we’ve improved reliability to start your machine in cold weather, so your picker is ready to go when you are.

  • Smart gets smarter. Already sporting high IQ features such as Harvest Doc Cotton that offers superior yield mapping, Harvest Identification Cotton that produces on-the-move documentation and eliminates manual module tagging, Wireless Data Transfer that provides direct file delivery, and the many intelligent JDLink features, the CP690 also offers a new digital corner post display to more clearly show a wide range of system status metrics. Of course, no setup is complete without a clever John Deere CommandCenter touchscreen display … your entire harvesting system controlled from this one central location. Just think of it as the brains of the operation.