615P Series

615P Series

615P Belt Pickup Platform



  • Hydraulic adjustable windscreen maximizes control
  • Dual-belt draper pickup
  • Steel auger fingers
  • Fixed gauge wheels reduce width of platform

  • 615P belt tensioning

    The 615P features a belt tensioning system for extended belt and roller life.

    Feature benefit:

    Belts are evenly tensioned for uniformed loading
    Easy adjustment that requires minimal tools
    Minimizes seed loss

  • 615P

    The 615P features 4.5-m (178-in.) wide belts for enhanced belt tracking with reduced seed loss.

    Feature benefit:

    Eliminates the need for a complicated center-support roller
    Reduces seed loss
    Improved belt tracking


    Connectors between belts improve belt-drive capacity in tough windrow conditions without the need for a center support on the drive rollers. This design eliminates roller flanges which would create a gap between belts and could result in crop losses. The heavy-duty 615P belts are designed for maximum wear life.

  • 615P suspension system

    The exclusive FieldGlide suspension system features an adjustable air spring and heavy-duty hydraulic shock design to dampen movement during field operation, allowing the operator to increase harvesting speed. Once set, the air springs do not need adjustment during the season.

    Feature benefit:

    Improves windrow harvesting performance
    Harvest at faster speeds
    No tools needed
    Adjustment of the air springs requires no tools and is simple compared to other belt pickup suspensions. Adjust the air springs according to instructions located on the belt pickup side sheets.

  • 615P hydraulic windscreen

    The hydraulic windscreen on the 615P allows the operator to maximize productivity by controlling the crop flow in changing windrow conditions.

    Feature benefit:

    Adjustments made from the cab
    Control crop flow in changing windrow conditions

    Manual tilt adjustment for windscreen

    The hydraulic windscreen utilizes double-acting cylinders which react quicker in maximizing the control of the crop. The windscreen is controlled by the fore-and-aft control on the combine hydro handle. A benefit is the header backshaft speed can be controlled independently of the windscreen allowing for increased belt pickup, and auger/feederhouse chain speed for tough windrow conditions.

  • Crop transition on 615P

    The 615P features a dual-belt draper to enhance material flow into the combine when harvesting windrows.

    Feature benefit:

    Smooth material flow into the auger
    Increased material handling capacity
    Allows crop to fall from the pickup belts
    The transfer belts move crop under the 66-cm (26-in.) diameter auger. This provides significant material handling advantages in large/dense windrows.