Row Units

Row Unit

521 Loader


  • – Redesigned mini-hopper
  • – Improved doubles eliminator
  • – New vacuum air source
  • – Chemical application option


‘Agronomic benefit’ comes in many forms

In order to separate MaxEmerge 5 from other row units on the market, we had to offer our customers more. That starts with more models so that we meet the specific needs of each grower – six options in total. MaxEmerge 5 comes in the mini-hopper configuration – with or without insecticide – for all CCS planters. The 1.6-bushel is also offered with or without insecticide. And both the 2-bushel twin row and 3-bushel hoppers round out the most productive family of row units in the business. Looking for more? Check out the features below and see how we’ve made more advancements to give you more advantages than ever before.