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5M Series

5M Series Tractors

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Deluxe Cab option available.
Order the Deluxe Cab option, and you get:

Cab roof window: Get a clear view of the raised loader.
Cornerpost exhaust: Puts the exhaust directly behind the cab cornerpost.


If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’ll love the new synchronized range selector. Now, you can shift from B to C to D, all without stopping the tractor. And with five more inches of wheelbase, roading the 5M Series is smoother, faster, and more comfortable.


Higher fuel capacity
Work deeper into the day with increased fuel capacity. Open station models now feature a 40-gallon tank, up 25%, while cab configurations offer 45 gallons of capacity, up 15%.


Higher base hitch capacity
Base hitch lift capacity for the entire 5M Series has been increased by a full 25%, to 4,500 lbs. Plus, up to 5,700 lbs. capacity is available with the heavy-duty hitch option


Compatible with H Series loaders
5M Series is designed to fit perfectly with the new John Deere H Series Loaders, offering greater-than-ever lift height and capacity.