7500E/8000E/8500E Fairway Mowers

7500E/8000E/8500E Fairway Mowers

They’re the future most valuable assets of your fleet. New E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mowers bring the confidence of electric reel drive technology to the fairway for the first time, plus offer the ability to run more quietly and save fuel. And since individual reel controllers maintain a consistent reel speed, cut quality is consistent. Try one on your course and you’ll agree: The time to go electric is now.

It gets noticed. The tighter striping, the better contour following. With an 80 in (230 cm) width-of-cut and only three wheels, the 8000 E-Cut Hybrid mows your fairway like a green. Plus virtually eliminates the possibility of a hydraulic leak, by using electric reel motors. Try one on your course and see what a great impression this revolutionary machine can leave behind.

  •   Exclusive double-acting steering cylinder equalizes right and left pressure, just like a greens mower, so it’s incredibly easy to hold a straight line.
  •   Foot-operated tilt steering allows steering wheel to be positioned perfectly for an operator, dual pedal foot controls work with the natural motion of your foot. There’s plenty of operator legroom, and a deluxe seat with weight, tilt, fore/aft, height and lumbar adjustment is standard equipment.
  • CommandArm moves with seat so that vital controls and diagnostics are always right at the operator’s fingertips.
  • Standard Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) with seat belts increases operator protection zone to equal that of a 4-post ROPS. ROPS meets pending ISO 21299 standards.
  • All checks are located on the left-hand side, and oil cooler tilts out for easy cleaning.
  • A 37.1 hp (27.6 kW) engine on the 7500 provides plenty of reserve power for optimum cutting. 43.1 hp (32.1 kW) turbo-charged diesel engine with an intercooler on the 8500 is engineered for the toughest conditions and hill-climbing.

    Engine horsepower is provided by the engine manufacturer for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower will be less.

  • GRIP All-Wheel Drive instantly transfers hydraulic flow for added traction from the wheels that slip to those with grip. And since the flow can cross to an opposite rear wheel, the system maintains its footing not only climbing up hills, but also on side hills, too. (Available as standard on 8000, optional for 7500 / 8500).
  • The 2WD is so good on these mowers, you might think it’s 4WD. Large front wheel motors (17.1 cu in/280 m³ on the 7000s, and 18.9 cu in/310 m³ on the 8000s) ensure inclines don’t stand a chance.
  • An innovative Speed Link system makes it possible to adjust height-of-cut to both sides of the reel in no time. A linking bar connects both sides of the rear roller to a high-reduction ration worm gear, allowing 1/1000th of an inch (0.025 mm) adjustments to be made to both sides of the roller simultaneously.


    QA5 5 in (12.7 cm) diameter reels
    22 in (55.9 cm) width
    Bedknife-to-reel adjustment
    7 or 11 blade

  • Electrically driven cutting units eliminate the possibility of hydraulic leaks in the reel drive circuits. Engine can be throttled down to save fuel and reduce noise, without affecting the reel speed. It always stays steady at 2200 rpm for a consistently ideal frequency of clip.
  • Adjustable hydraulic down pressure gives you the ultimate control in changing environments, and rear-attaching point maintain cutting units at a consistent height of cut.
  • 3-wheels deliver excellent manoeuvrability and better after-cut appearance with one less tire track. Smooth front drive and steering tires reduce the possibility of turf scuffing while still providing good traction.