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Riding Green Mowers

2500B/2500E Series

The 2500 Series also offers you the choice of an E-Cut Hybrid model which virtually eliminates the possibility of hydraulic leaks by removing all hydraulics from the reel circuit. In addition, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrids reduce fuel usage and sound levels, without compromising cut quality. An alternator keeps the reels going at the correct speed – while the engine stays at a reduced throttle. And unlike a battery, which drains over time, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrid’s alternator stays at a constant power level, delivering the same quality of cut on the first green as it does on the last.


    Features a self-diagnostic electronic controller for diagnosis and troubleshooting, as well as Sit-on-Seat diagnostics to identify problems in the starting circuit.

    Enables technicians to diagnose electric circuitry problems from the comfort of their seat by viewing the light pattern displayed on the control panel.

  •   19.6 hp (14.8 kw) diesel engine.
  •   New Quick Adjust cutting units feature a revolutionary Speed Link system that makes it possible to adjust height-of-cut to both sides of the reel in no time. A linking bar connects both sides of the rear roller to a high-reduction ratio worm gear, allowing 1/1000th-of-an-inch adjustments to be made to both sides of the roller simultaneously. This unit features 3-QA5 22 in (55.9 cm) in a 7- or 11-blade configuration.
  •   Virtually eliminates triplex ring. By alternating direction of daily travel, the visibility of tire tracks on the perimeter of the green can be greatly reduced.
  •   All daily service checks are located on the left-hand side of the machine; standard self-diagnostic controller for simple electrical system diagnostics.

    CommandARM Control Centre – operator controls located at your fingertips.

    • CommandARM Control Centre moves with seat
    • Seat plane is inclined to optimize operator comfort across a wide range of heights
    • Adjustable steering column
  •   With electric reel motors to drive the cutting units instead of hydraulic lines, 102 potential leak points are eliminated in the reel drive circuits, and operating engine at reduced throttle can save fuel as well as reducing sound levels.