1400 – Rotary Mower

1400 Rotary Mower

John Deere commercial rotary mowers deliver an outstanding combination of speed and cut quality.
Equipped with high-capacity decks, high torque diesel engines and exceptional 4WD, they can mow thick grass at high speed and still produce an enviable cut quality. Plus, all John Deere rotary mowers come with standard folding ROPS for operator safety and comfortable seats to help increase operator comfort.

Models 1400, are available in the of dealer AFGRI

Choose the right model for your needs.

F1435 26HP with 2WD
F1445 31HP with 4WDe last.

  • On 4WD models only
    The On-Demand feature will automatically engage the 4WD required in certain conditions so you can keep on driving.
  • The combination of direct injection engine and high displacement result in high torque. Along with the strong hydrostatic transmission, these mowers will perform extremely well in rough terrain and tough grass conditions.
  • To insure you can work long hours, the large cooling package will easily operate in dusty conditions. The flip up hood provides easy access to the cooler and the fold away oil cooler can be cleaned easily.
  • Specially designed heavy duty frame with integrated Roll Over Protection Structure provides maximum safety. Due to the low centre of gravity, the machines can be operated in almost every terrain.
  • Stamped 7-Iron II deck, the strongest and deepest deck with 4.5 mm thickness. A totally smooth underside without corners where grass may clump. 5.75 in (14.5 cm) depth at maximum point means this deck can handle thick wet, grass with ease. Decks are available in 60 in (1.53 m) and 72 in (1.83 m). Mulching kits for side discharge mowers are available.
  • Excellent blade overlap allow this 3-part flex deck to deliver exceptional cut even on challenging terrain. Designed especially for golf course and sports turf maintenance. 72 in (1.83 m) width deck is available.
  • The deck drive system includes wet clutch electro hydraulically engaged to ensure smooth, reliable and long life operation. Large shaft drive and gear box helps operation in all heavy duty commercial applications.
  • This makes a machine comfortable:

    • Tilt steering
    • Cruise control
    • Twin touch pedal for the transmission
    • Electro hydraulic deck drive clutch
    • Remaining controls are located on the right side at armrest height, easy to reach.
  • High capacity (600 ltr) hydraulic dump material collection system is available for the 1400 Series. Excellent air flow ensures the hopper is filled completely and that no clippings are left behind.
  • 600 Plus MCS offers 3 key features

    • 900 l hopper capacity to minimize the number of trips to the dumping location and increase productivity
    • Steel blower for outstanding wear resistance and High inertia for more material process
    • Hydraulic fan blower drive for high reliability and maintenance free operations
  • Stay on top of work. Cabs are available on the 1400 Series mowers. Also an air conditioning system, a deluxe heater/defroster and other options such as a windscreen wiper are available.