2653B PrecisionCut – Reel Mower

2653B PrecisionCut - Reel Mowers

A reel mower to rely on.

With new QA7 Quick Adjust reels specially designed for lush, dense turf, a smooth hydraulic drive system for surprisingly even traction, excellent contour-following and high power-to-weight ratio, the all-round 2653B guarantees a pristine cut anywhere on your course.

  • The 2653B PrecisionCut Trim and Surrounds Mower features a full-time 3WD hydrostatic traction system that directs hydrostatic oil flow to wheels with traction in tough terrain. If one wheel begins to slip, the hydrostatic system supplies fluid to the other two wheels to provide traction power. This system also provides plenty of hill-climbing power without the need for the extra valves of a weight-transfer system. This reduces the number of potential hydraulic leak points.
  • 2653B PrecisionCut operator platform is designed to maximize operator comfort with plenty of legroom, an ideally positioned steering wheel, and easy-to-reach controls. It’s available with a choice of a standard seat or a deluxe seat. The standard seat is comfortable and allows front-to-back seat movement to provide adjustment for operators of different heights. The deluxe seat also offers seat movement from front to back, and also features lumbar support via an adjustable seat back, armrests, and a suspension system that can be adjusted for different operator weights and comfort levels.
  • A Sit-on-Seat (SOS) diagnostics system checks the machine system functions to be sure that they are in the proper configuration for starting.
  • All daily service checks are easily accessible. Simply turn the hood latch and raise the hood to gain service access to the air restriction indicator, engine oil dipstick, backlapping valve, hydraulic components, coolant level fill, and more. The hydraulic tank located to the rear features a convenient fill point on top of the tank and a dipstick for checking the hydraulic fluid level.
  • A low center of gravity and a wide 55 in (140 cm) wheelbase ensure comfortable and safer operation even in adverse mowing conditions.
  • An innovative Speed Link system makes it possible to adjust height-of-cut to both sides of the reel in no time. A linking bar connects both sides of the rear roller to a high-reduction ration worm gear, allowing 1/1000th of an inch (0.025 mm) adjustments to be made to both sides of the roller simultaneously. QA7 cutting units available in 26 or 30 in (66 or 76 cm) widths and 5 or 8 blade configuration. Industry exclusive Fairway tender conditioner and power brush on 26 in (76 cm) reels give excellent cut quality and reduce clumping in damp conditions.
  • A rollover protective structure (ROPS) and retractable seat belt are standard equipment. The ROPS meets pending ISO 21299 standard.