The First Wednesday of July 2024- Val done Right!

Have you ever heard of VAL Farmers Day? For those unfamiliar with this fantastic event, now is your chance to experience VAL farmers day through this blog. By the end, you’ll be eagerly planning your visit to the next VAL Farmers Day in the quaint little town of VAL, Mpumalanga!

Imagine waking up to a crisp morning breeze at the VAL hotel. The anticipation of the day ahead fills you with excitement as you slip into your vellies, grab your warm jacket and favorite cap (hopefully a John Deere one!), and step outside. Just a short 100 meters down the street, you find yourself at the heart of VAL Farmers Day. As you arrive, the parking area is already buzzing with people from all corners of the country. A cheerful “Goeie morê” from the ladies at the gate instantly makes you feel at home. Over 223 exhibitors are set up, offering everything from sizzling boerewors and freshly brewed coffee to innovative hunting gadgets and beautiful handcrafted bags. There’s a delightful discovery at every turn for everyone!

As you wander through the bustling stalls, you can’t help but be drawn to the impressive stud bulls standing tall and proud, their presence earning admiration. The air is filled with the lively chatter of all the people and the sound of music. Suddenly, a deep, rhythmic rumble combined with a steady chugging noise grabs your attention—it’s time for the day’s main attraction: the tractor, sprayer, and combine demonstrations!

Thousands of people, young and old, eagerly make their way to the open fields, where these magnificent machines are ready to showcase their latest upgrades and features. You join the crowd, but not before stopping by our stall in the field for a fresh, warm cappuccino to sweeten your VAL experience, courtesy of the AFGRI Equipment team. Each machine takes its turn, demonstrating its power and capabilities with various implements. The sight is mesmerizing, and the atmosphere, filled with the growling engines and enthusiastic cheers, is truly indescribable.

This year at VAL Farmers Day, we featured an impressive lineup of equipment, including the John Deere 9R, 8R, 6195M, 6120B, 6R, and the 616R Sprayer. Each machine performed spectacularly, leaving the crowd in awe. The operators versed on all aspects of machine control, much like a cowboy’s showmanship on a warm blood horse. Throughout the day, engaging discussions with customers, John Deere enthusiasts, and young individuals with big dreams for the future filled the air, creating a sense of community and shared passion.

Partnering with Rovic Leers, LEMKEN, and AMAZONE implements, our John Deere equipment truly shined. We couldn’t be prouder of the demos’ outcomes. Events like VAL Farmers Day wouldn’t be possible without the support of everyone in the agricultural industry. It’s a beautiful reminder that by supporting each other, we can continue to create and enjoy such fantastic events.

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