How to set up your planter correctly. 

View this video for more information on how to perfect the efficiency of your planter. It is important that your planter float is set up correctly. It is also important to be sure that the height of your drawbar along with your wheel spacing is aligned with your current planting methods.

Tru-Vee Assessment.

We now focus on the Tru-Vee or seed coulter assembly on the John Deere 1750 Planter. This is arguably one of the most important components to set up correctly for several reasons. A worn Tru-Vee coulter will impact planting accuracy considerably, especially if the seed tube has been damaged. This can cause variation in seed drop rates and seed bounce before ground contact, this in turn may cause irregular seed spacing and affect potential yield negatively. Free movement of the Tru-Vee is critical to uniformly open seed placement zones so that the V created in the soil secures the placement of the seed. Watch this tutorial on adjusting your Tru-Vee seed openers correctly.

Frame height, level and position in the ground.

Our favourite planter specialist, Oom Japie takes us through the following frequently asked questions and commonly made mistakes when setting up your planter such as:
– How to ensure your planter is level.
– How to measure your main frame height
– How to ensure your seed falls in the perfect position in the ground
– The importance of understanding the role of your parallel arms

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