Karat 9, Intensive work in deep and shallow stubble cultivation.

The Karat 9 intensive cultivator is suitable for initial shallow, all-over stubble cultivation after combining, as well as deep, intensive mixing to incorporate straw at a later date.

  • Innovative quick-change system
  • Simple depth adjustment
  • Non-Stop overload safety device

Karat 10, Low-draught and blockage-free.

The new Karat 10 three-beam cultivator reveals its efficient design even at first glance: The tines are now arranged symmetrically about the towing axle, making the machine extremely low-draught and ensuring intensive mixing at the same time.

  • Extremely low-draught
  • Ensures intensive mixing
  • Lower traction requirements
  • Symmetrically arranged tines about the towing axle
  • Blockage-free working

Karat 12, Ploughless tillage up to 30 cm.

LEMKEN has developed the Karat 12 for both shallow and deep tillage, also in heavy soils. Four rows of tines produce the desired loosening and mixing effect, depending on the share type used.

  • Innovative quick-change system
  • Optimum levelling
  • Centrally integrated transport axle
  • Optimum weight distribution
  • Non-Stop overload safety device

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