The X-Series Combine Harvesters, available in two models, offer large-scale farmers the ability to thresh, separate and clean more tonnes per hour and harvest more hectares per day, without risking grain loss or quality. The Dual Separator (XDS) has the largest threshing and separation areas ever offered and the X9 is available with integrated precision ag technologies for important machine and yield data collection, improving harvesting results.


9X 1000, 9X 1100

The new John Deere X-Series harvests more hectares per day, more tonnes per hour with minimal losses whilst maintaining performance long into the night. Plus with world-leading technology for greater management control, it takes your harvest capacity – and John Deere’s Total Harvesting Solutions – to the next level.

ModelPowerTank SizeDrive TypeSeparator
X9 1000549hp (410kw)14800/420Fixed or VariableDual Rotor
X9 1100603hp (450kw)16210/460Fixed or VariableDual Rotor

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