Forage Harvesters

Forage Harvesters

7080 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

7180 – Forage Harvester



  • Infinitely variable length-of-cut transmission
  • DuraLine high-wear parts
  • Fuel-efficient engines
  • HarvestLab™ moisture sensor

For unmatched performance and economy, choose the 375-hp 7180 SPFH.

7380 – Forage Harvester



  • Infinitely variable length-of-cut transmission
  • DuraLine high-wear parts
  • HarvestLab™ moisture sensor
  • Aggressive, all-stainless-steel feedrolls

During harvest season, there’s very little that’s as important as chopping high-quality forage, except for making sure it retains that quality while being ensiled. Which is why, frankly, you need a John Deere self-propelled forage harvester. Our 7080 Forage Harvesters are engineered and built to deliver unprecedented productivity, up-time, and quality.

7580 – Forage Harvester



  • Engine-speed management
  • Smooth roll scraper
  • Hydraulic flotation
  • High-capacity lift cylinders

During harvest season, there’s very little that’s as important as chopping high-quality forage, except for making sure it retains that quality while being ensiled. Which is why, frankly, you need a John Deere self-propelled forage harvester. Our 7080 Forage Harvesters are engineered and built to deliver unprecedented productivity, up-time, and quality.

7780 – Forage Harvester



  • DuraLine high-wear parts
  • Wide-body operator station
  • HarvestLab™ moisture sensor
  • Advanced header-height control

Need as much capacity as possible? Then opt for the 7780. It has the horsepower and capacity to match larger headers and heavy crops.

  • Built for a wide range of crops.
    Our tough, durable headers and pick-ups give you the flexibility you need. With their low cutting heights, high speed capacity, they perform well in laid crops – and their low-maintenance design ensures years of faithful service.
    Everything is designed to make maximum use of the harvester’s engine power; even the crop intake is lengthwise to the main chopping unit.
    So in addition to optimum chop quality, you also enjoy maximum productivity.

    Maize headers
    Which head is right for my crops?

    The 300 rotary headers give exceptional performance in a short and compact design thanks to the small drum concept. The crop is quickly secured on the head. In addition the new 300plus sets the benchmark in harvesting productivity. These maize headers deliver superb handling even in fallen crops and unmatched throughput for high horsepower machines.
    The 400 rotary headers are the ideal solution for high and strong maize (>4 m).
    Grass headers
    600C Series
    3, 4 and 4.5 m. The new 600C now has an improved drive line and lots of new features and options to perfectly tailor the pick-up to the customers’ specific requirements and conditions. The small diameter pick-up reel gives the unit a low profile, so the crop travels less before entering the feed rolls. To improve performance in uneven field conditions, simply fold out the new standard foldable gauge wheels. These have ten different settings, and can be adjusted easily without tools. In transport position, they lock automatically.
    Whole crop headers
    Whole crop silage
    6.2 m or 4.6 m. The Profi Cut header handles all kind of crops and crop combinations easily and effectively. The disc mowerbar cuts tight to the ground, and can work down to 4 cm height for laid crops. The mower bar delivers crop directly to the large cross feed auger. The header is easily mounted from its transport trailer, and there’s only one drive shaft to connect when you latch it to the harvester.
    Wood headers
    3 m. Make the most of the winter season with this powerful Short Rotation Forestry header!
  • The crop flow is vitally important in determining the harvester’s operating efficiency and quality of silage. The 7080 Series has a smooth, uninterrupted path that feeds the crop in an even mat across the cutterhead and then gently funnels the cut crop into a column which passes at high speed through the chute and into the spout for fast and accurate trailer filling. Unlike some forage harvesters which use larger cutterhead knives, in a ‘V’ configuration which channel the cut crop into the centre of the channel, the multi-knife DuraDrum cutterhead on the 7080 Series is designed to evenly distribute the cut crop across the full width of the crop channel. This not only ensures utilisation of the full width of the kernel processor in maize, it also allows the crop to gradually merge into a column as it passes up through the chute. This is one of the many reasons why John Deere forage harvesters are so fuel efficient. The balance between engine horsepower and crop throughput is also an important factor in determining the harvester’s overall efficiency. That’s why the 7080 Series is available with a wider crop channel on higher horsepower models so you have greater choice in matching the right machine to your specific capacity requirements.
  • Sharp knives mean better fuel economy, better crop quality and higher tonnages. To sharpen knives on a 7080 series, all you do is press a button in your cab.
    The cutterhead rotates in reverse during sharpening, so the heel of the knife hits the sharpening block first.
    Adjusting the length of cut while you harvest couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Infinitely Variable Length Of Cut transmission (IVLOC). Just turn a dial to set the cut length from 4-19mm (56 knife cutterhead), 5 -22mm (48 knife cutterhead) or 6-26mm (40 knife cutterhead).
  • Efficient harvesting is all about consistency. And with i-solutions, you can be sure that whoever is on the machine will get excellent results every time.
    The 7080i gives you three advanced systems as standard: HarvestLab, AutoLOC and HarvestDoc.
    Here’s what they do:

    HarvestLab – It´s all about the content
    You too can unravel the mystery of producing high-quality silage. Thanks to our new measurement system, you can now obtain a precise, on-site overview of yield constituents such as protein, starch, dry matter, NDF and ADF, as you harvest and all in real time*. The device can take 17 measurements per second, so you won’t be leaving anything to chance.
    *Constituent measuring currently only available for maize.
    Combines the IVLOC transmission and the HarvestLab sensor, so cut length is optimized automatically according to the dry matter readings from HarvestLab.
    Comes into its own when the harvest is in. It provides a permanent record of all the key input data for yield mapping – plus different invoicing options for contractors.
    AutoTrac guidance (optional)
    Automatically ensures optimum cutting width with every pass whatever the visibility – day or night.
    The JDLink* system lets you remotely manage your fleet directly from the office. It wirelessly tracks machine performance, fuel consumption and location. And it even sends email or text message alerts to help you schedule your maintenance throughout the harvest season.
    *currently available in France, Germany, Italy and the UK.
  • The optional ProDrive propulsion system is easy to use. It delivers huge amounts of grip to keep you harvesting in all conditions: wet or dry, steep or sensitive.

    Automatic shift gearbox.
    The 2-speed, automatic shift gearbox lets you continuously adjust the speed of your SPFH between 0 and 20 kph in the field and up to 40 kph on the road. So you spend less time on the road and cut more crop in the field.
    Automatic differential lock.
    The integrated differential lock activates automatically for continuous traction for the front wheels.
    Engine/Speed Management.
    The Engine/Speed Management System compensates for engine loads to improve fuel efficiency. How? By fine-tuning ProDrive and engine activities in a way that maintains the optimum fuel consumption and speed of your SPFH on the road, in the field and during headland manoeuvres.
    Full ASR.
    The Anti Slippage Regulation system controls the front and rear axle drives to ensure permanent traction, save fuel and improve soil conservation.
    Automatic brake system.
    The 2 wet disc brake packages on the front axle are managed automatically. So all you have to do is manage the vehicle speed with the multifunction lever!
  • The panoramic cab gives you terrific all-round vision. Mirrors, switches, displays – everything is right where you need it. Just adjust the seat height, set the angle and reach of the steering wheel and you’re ready to go! The main controls couldn’t be simpler. One hand lever for forward, stop and reverse, plus a bank of switches for the main power functions. Header, shearbar adjustment, spout positioning and length of cut can all be controlled automatically.
    Spill-free loading
    Excellent visibility ensures safe and accurate driving.
    Fingertip control
    Switches and controls are easy to read and logically placed.
    Clear instrumentation
    Check all the main functions at a glance.
    Excellent night time visibility
    Powerful cab and row finder lights let you harvest through the night.

Pull-Type Forage Harvesters



  • Tailor fan speed to meet harvesting requirements
  • Electric down-stop control comes in base equipment
  • Quick-adjust stationary knife
  • Cantilever cross-drive auger

Cutterhead Diameter – 18 in. (45.7cm)

Blower Fan Speed – 722 or 1000rpm

Auger Diameter – 11 in. (27.9 cm)

Feedroll Drive Gearcase – Enclosed

Get better quality-of-cut while using less fuel. The 3975 Pull-Type Forage Harvesters deliver more tons of crop per hour while using less fuel. An integrated kernel processor option is available on the 3975. By cracking kernels as they come through, the processor increases feed value and can help dairy herds achieve greater production.