John Deere 6095B

The New John Deere 6B series of tractors – 95Hp to 135Hp – Strong, dependable and affordable!

Farmers all over the world experience the same sense of pride and aspiration when they hear the name “John Deere” and for the last 183 years, John Deere has set the golden standard for every kind of farmer to own one day. From the early days, John Deere’s agricultural solutions were high in demand from an emerging to a commercial farmer.

John Deere has released several different models this year, tractors with a wide spectrum of specifications to suit each farmer and their unique needs, an excellent example of this is the new 6M, 7R, 8Rand 6B series tractors which are launching in South Africa in 2020.

The 6B is a game-changing all-rounder in the sense of functionality and versatility, if you are a farmer that needs to plant, rip, plow or cut grass then the 6B might just be your new best friend? Building on the legendary power and affordability of its predecessors the 6603, 6403 and 6D series the new 6B series will surely be a popular choice in South Africa. Features resembling the legendary 6020 series are evident on the new 6B series, and if that is anything to go by dependability comes standard!  Available in open station and cab configurations and available in a 95Hp, 110Hp, 120Hp, and a whopping 135Hp model. For literally any farming operations, John Deere aims to serve your individual needs with their awesome products.

Get the Brochure here 6B Cab 1 pager: 6B Cab One page summary

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