AFGRI Equipment is a Dipperfox Dealer

Come Experience the Dipperfox

It is with great pleasure and excitement that AFGRI Equipment Construction and Forestry announces the exclusive distribution in Southern Africa for Dipperfox, a revolutionary stump removal method!

The simplicity and efficiency of the Dipperfox introduce brand new technology for stump removal which is 8-10 times faster than any other stump removal method, the outcome is similar to a stump grinder where stump and roots will be cut into 30 – 50 mm chips, but compared to stump grinding the whole process will only take 100-120 seconds to complete, depending on the hardness or diameter of the tree.

Dipperfox is capable of drilling 900mm underground to smash root systems, blades are produced from extreme duty steel, are reversible, and basically rock proof!

The Dipperfox leaves only stump chips behind which in time breaks down and adds to the richness of the soil. This also eliminates the need for waste removal from sites. Additional benefits of the Dipperfox include an automatic/automatic speed/torque adjustment, bolt-on consumables, ease of maintenance (250 oil change cycle), lightweight(575kgs), reduced noise pollution, grinds up to 180 stumps per hour.

The new performance standard in deforestation, experience the Dipperfox!

For more information on Dipperfox please visit the website and contact us for more information. Watch the video below and see how quickly and efficiently the Dipperfox can work to eliminate a tree stump!

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