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Gregoire Grape Harvester Finance Deal

Gregoire is a manufacturer of French grape harvesting equipment and AFGRI Equipment has the exclusive Grégoire dealership in South Africa and has decided to spread the festive cheer with this AWESOME finance deal!

There are two models that will be on offer until the end of January 2022 is:

Gregoire GL7.4 Grape Harvester

  • For harvest and versatility
  • Engine DEUTZ 4 cyl 140hp
  • Water tightness: 2400 mm
  • Bins 1500L and 2000L
  • Width bin to bin 2680mm
  • Tunnel width
  • Width 320mm
  • Ground Clearance 1950mm
  • For vineyards from 1,6m

Gregoire GL8.8 Grape Harvester

  • For high yields, versatility, and difficult conditions !!
  • Engine DEUTZ 6 cyl 178hp
  • Water tightness : 2600 mm
  • Bins 1500L and 2000L
  • Width bin to bin 2943mm (2000L)
  • Tunnel width 650mm
  • Belt Width 320mm
  • Ground Clearance 1950mm
  • For vineyards from 1,7m

Why The Gregoire Grape Harvester?

1. Fuel Efficiency with Integral Smart Management

Automatic engine management at WORK and ROAD mode :

  • Engine Rpm is automatically managed in relation to the power required
  • Power supplied is always optimized

Road mode

  • Rpm proportional to road speed
  • Rpm is stabilized when the machine reaches its cruising speed

Work mode

  • Rpm  level automatically balanced to hydraulic need and forward speed
  • Rpm is stabilized when tools, picking head.. have reached their set up  speed
  • Stable tool speed

Safety and reactivity: oil flow optimization.

  • E.g. for a quick machine lifting rpm will increase automatically

Fuel saving :

  • Engine rpm managed in relation to the power required

2. Clean Samples

New Bottom Fans

  • First cleaning directly after grape drop
  • Dead root deflector
  • Vertical extractors

New Top Fans

  • GL7 Optional and GL8 Standard
  • Fitted at bin front, direct Hydraulic drive
  • New Linear sorting process, oscillating fingers
  • Harvesting quality –stalks, leaves, petioles, and MOG
  • Integrated Jam Sensor

3. Cab Space & Operator Comfort

Centred above row for alignment with a view of picking tunnel.

  • 360 degree visibility
  • OCDE ROPS and anti crush system
  • CAT 4 chemical protection from dust, aerosol and steam with charcoal filtration system (option)
  • Automatic HVAC
  • Air ride seat, and dual adjustable steering wheel
  • 2.2 Cubic Meter volume cab with 5 square metres of glass
  • Electric ladder – one touch extends ladder, lights up cab door sill and starts up I- Monitor screen
  • 10 LED spot lights output 18 000 lumens
  • Beacon lights auto flash on full bins or road transport

The Offer

You can buy a Grégoire GL 7.4 or GL8.8 :
– with a 25% deposit

– at a prime interest rate of -1.5%

– over 3 years with annual payments

BUT WAIT, you only pay your first installment on the 1st of April 2023! ?

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