The John Deere 9RX, 710Hp-830Hp Series!

The NEW 9RX models:

  • 9RX 710: 710 hp (522 kW)
  • 9RX 770: 770 hp (566 kW)
  • 9RX 830: 830 hp (610 kW)
Excerpts from Brochure. Specifications subject to change.

Designed for Maximum Power: The heart of the 9RX series lies in its JD18 engine, providing a staggering rated horsepower of up to 830 (913 max) HP and a maximum torque of 3,123 lbs./ft. This engine delivers reliable power, easy serviceability, and an extra power bulge when required. The new e21TM transmission ensures increased speed control in the field, offering responsive shifts in both manual and auto modes. Furthermore, the JD18 engine meets Final Tier 4/Stage V emissions standards, eliminating the need for 800 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) annually

Increased Productivity: One of the standout features of the 9RX series is its ability to enhance productivity, ensuring you hit critical seeding windows with ease. The improved hydraulic flow of up to 168 gallons per minute enables you to maintain speed, traction, and fan speed even in challenging working conditions. Pulling wider tillage tools at optimal depth and speed has never been easier, allowing you to stay ahead of planting schedules and maximize tillage options.

Upgraded Design for Comfort and Efficiency: The 9RX series boasts a host of upgrades designed to enhance comfort and efficiency.

  • Select, Premium, or Ultimate lighting packages ensure visibility day and night, while the new cab suspension with three degrees of freedom and four shocks provides a smooth ride over rough terrain.
  • The fuel tank, with no DEF, and optional Fast Fill System allow for longer runs and quick refueling in under four minutes.

In-cab upgrades, such as:

  • 65-degree stair design, improved cab suspension
  • ActiveCommand Steering (ACS™) optional, contribute to a more ergonomic and enjoyable work environment.

Maintenance Simplified: Efficiency extends to maintenance, with all necessary tasks accessible from ground level. Air filter and fuel fill are conveniently located, reducing downtime and enabling farmers to get into the field sooner.

G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display: The series introduces the G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display, featuring,

  • 12.8-inch touchscreen – 35% larger for easy infield adjustments.
  • A 3x faster processor ensures quicker boot times,
  • High-resolution 1080p screen offers brighter, clearer views. With 2 digital and 4 analog video camera inputs, this display is essential for future autonomous and sense-and-act technology.

Advanced G5Plus Package for Enhanced Automation: For those seeking even more automation, productivity, and reduced stress, the G5 Advanced Package is available. This package is designed to propel your farming operation into the future, ensuring you are ready for the advancements in autonomous technology.

The John Deere 9RX 710-830 Series is not just a tractor; it’s a revolution in agriculture. With unmatched power, enhanced productivity, and a focus on operator comfort, this series is set to redefine farming practices.

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