Gregoire GL Series: A Lasting Impression, Four Seasons Strong!

Harvesting season is here, and once again, Gregoire Equipment takes center stage as the undisputed leader in grape harvesting. The GL machines redefine efficiency, precision, and sustainability, making them the future of harvesting.

What makes this machine stand out from the competition?

The GL7 is a compact and versatile self-propelled grape harvester.

1. Optimized Fuel Efficiency

Gregoire machines boast powerful engines that set them apart from the competition. The DEUTZ 4-cylinder diesel engines (156 HP) or robust 6-cylinder engines (190 HP) are at the heart of this efficiency. Automatic RPM management ensures not only optimal performance but also responsible fuel utilization, showcasing Gregoire’s dedication to environmental consciousness.

2. Dynamic Power Delivery

The hydrostatic transmission of Gregoire machines provides a 4-wheel drive, delivering unparalleled power and adaptability in various harvesting conditions. This dynamic power delivery ensures that the machines can navigate through different terrains, maintaining their efficiency and productivity. With more powerful wheel drives, these machines are built with performance in mind.

3. Supreme Comfort and Safety Standards

The operator’s experience is prioritized with an expansive and soundproof central cab. Designed for comfort and tranquility, it adheres to CAT4 & ROPS4 cab standards, ensuring the highest level of safety during operation.

4. User-Friendly Operation

Navigating through the vineyards is made effortless with the intuitive controls featuring a side command console equipped with an I-Monitor touch screen (12 inches) and a multifunction joystick. The streamlined design ensures ease of use and efficient control, reducing the learning curve for operators.

5. Delicate Handling

The ARC² Double Pendulum Picking Head sets a new standard in grape harvesting. ARC² picking head is driven by two parallel shaker posts. Head frequency and stress is shared between both front and rear shakers posts. This results in a much higher performance and a much longer lasting pitching head.

The pneumatic catcher tray guarantees a perfect water tightness and the adjustable rail pressure to minimise impact on young plants. The delicacy in handling the grapes to maintain the quality of the harvest is ensured.

Three catcher tray length are available according to working intensity required:

• GL7: 2×20 CT water tightness length: 2400 mm

• GL8: 2×22 CT, water tightness length: 2600 mm

• GX8: 2×22 CT, water tightness length: 2600 mm

• GX9: 2×21 CT, water tightness length: 3300 mm

Thanks to the exclusive harvesting module design, the GL and GX can pick as low as 15cm from the ground. Even the lowest fruiting zones can be picked.

6. Effortless Cleanliness; Cleaning Fans

Harvest cleaning is operated by two standard bottom fans and two optional top fans!

Two bottom fans extract leaves right after shaking. To improve MOG removal extractors, remove canes, training sticks and all dead wood. The two optional top fans are fitted on top of each bin and fine-tune cleaning just before harvest falls into the bins.

The EASYclean Sorting System impressively removes 99.8% of Material Other than Grapes (MOG), ensuring that the harvested grapes meet the highest quality standards.

8. Integrated Control

A few Advanced Technology options are available:

EASYpilot for automatic row following. EASYpilot automatically centers the harvester on the vine row without driver input. and it can be use in a vineyard not covered by a GPS signal.

NEOmap for yield monitoring. Yield mapping enables you to monitor the plot yield and to assess yield variation.

The NEOmass weighting system allow you to measure the quantity of harvest picked and gives the driver information such as harvest weight in the bins harvest weight for the day.

NEOtrack makes it easy to know which rows you have covered; day or night, by changing the row color on the screen This integrated control system empowers operators with real-time data, optimizing decision-making during harvesting.

EASYturn reduces the steering wheel revolutions from lock to lock. This enables you to turn around quicker in the headlands.

9. Convenient Accessibility

A 25° slide-out ladder, oversized upper walking platform from the back to the front of the machine, and straightforward access to vital components and storage ensure that maintenance and operation are seamless and efficient.

In the vineyards, Gregoire stands as the beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge technology. As the grape harvest season unfolds, the GL and GX machines continue to redefine the future of harvesting, bringing together power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Here’s to a harvest season powered by Gregoire, where excellence meets the vineyard! Cheers to a fruitful harvest, cheers to Gregoire!

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