600D Draper Platforms

600D Draper Platforms

625D - Draper


  • Windrowing capability with 600D Drapers
  • Double-cut knife system produces a cleaner cut
  • Dual-knife drive system is timed
  • Cutterbar is closer to the ground

Pickup Reel Height Control – Hydraulic

Cutterbar Length – 25.5-ft (7.77m)

Auxiliary Top Auger Type – Optional; hydraulic drive

Header Height Sensing Type – Electro-Hydraulic Base

The 625D Draper Platform increases combine productivity in small-grain and rice harvests.

  • The draper belt system ensures smooth, uniform feeding of crop to the feed drum and the combine feederhouse.
  • Ideal for harvesting crops where additional cutting platform productivity is desired.

The 625D has a true 25-ft cutting width, and the unique draper-style crop cutting system delivers the high-capacity feeding required of the high-capacity STSTM Combines.

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