AFGRI Equipment Western Cape receives five new service vehicles

Difficult agricultural conditions remained the talking point for most of the 2016 season. The Western Cape was caught in a drought choke-hold of which the likes have never been seen before in recorded history. The damage to yields were astronomical and can still be felt in the citrus, grape and deciduous fruit industries. Many agricultural companies across Southern Africa including AFGRI Equipment have felt the strain on their businesses and livelihood, as directly as the growers themselves due to lower revenues.

One key factor remained at the center of discussion, how do we as AFGRI Equipment raise the bar in terms of grower equipment support? As stated on several occasions AFGRI Equipment prides itself on after sales support and service, the most important factor when considering capital investment into equipment.

AFGRI Equipment Western Cape has taken receipt of five fully equipped service vehicles. These service vehicles are a force multiplier when attending to machine breakdowns. The speed at which a machine can be attended to, the diversity of tools and special tools make repairs and diagnosis a lot easier and quicker. The service vehicles are capable of operating air tools with it’s built in compressor, using electrical hand tools in field thanks to the inverter system and each is furnished with a service advisor laptop to facilitate accurate diagnosis.

We at AFGRI Equipment understand that indirect costs associated with down time can dwarf the costs of the breakage itself, for instance losing harvesting days with a machine or losing capacity with a spraying operation.

It is our ultimate quest to eliminate downtime as far as possible, we believe that the addition of the five new service vehicles will have a profound impact in the lives and businesses of our growers.

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