Top 5 Implements for Small Scale / Emerging Farmers

You requested more information regarding the best implements for small scale farmers and that’s what we are bringing to you:

1. The BERONI 3&4 Furrow Disc Ploughs – designed to work in ALL types of soil conditions and its functionality includes soil raising, breaking, mixing and turning. R28 700 excl vat(3 Disc) & R37 500 excl vat ( 4 Disc)

2.The BERONI 3&4 Furrow Beam Ploughs – Trusted technology for soil aeration and turning. Leaving a seedbed for optimal planting. R32 000 excl vat (3 Disc) & R39 000 excl vat ( 4 Disc )

3. The BERONI Hitch Mounted Rippers- used for reducing soil compaction. It is also used for aerating and loosening the soil while the organic matter is left on the upper layer of the soil. It creates a better water holding capacity in the root zone.
R23 000 excl vat (3 Tyne) & R29 000 excl vat ( 5 Tyne).

4. The BERONI Disc Harrows – For material cutting and sizing the Beroni 24 disc harrow is fitted with 26-inch diameter discs to cut through the toughest material and residue. The 2.7m working width will get the job done in no time at all. R126 000 excl vat.

5. The ROVIC & LEERS 800L Sprayer – Piston Diaphragm pump delivering 135L per/m. Manual folding booms 12m with a capacity of 800l spray solution. Red flat fan anti-drip nozzles included!
R46 000 excl vat.

Tried and tested technology that offers affordable solutions to emerging, small scale and part-time farmers. With the dependability of support services, you have grown accustomed to at AFGRI Equipment.


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