New Caledon Branch

AFGRI Equipment Caledon Opens its Doors to New Possibilities

There’s a lot of excitement in the air with the buzz about Caledons brand new flagship branch which opened on the 1st of March 2021!

The new branch can accommodate a larger amount of machinery which enables our AFGRI Equipment Technicians to service our farmer’s equipment quicker and better than before so that our farmers can get an optimal amount of uptime out of their machine, this being all of our number one priority. AFGRI Equipment Caledon is a representation of our philosophy in quality, the latest and greatest technology available, a focus on precision farming, and an emphasis on the importance that we place on after-sales service.

The new AFGRI Equipment Caledon is a symbol of the confidence that we have in ourselves to deliver the best service possible to our farmers and the potential that we see in the Caledon and surrounding areas. In the words of our Manager Director Patrick Roux, “We don’t just sell equipment, we provide solutions tailored to each farmer’s individual needs.” The total package that AFGRI Equipment offers includes farmers’ days where demonstrations are held on machinery and customer education clinics so that our clients are equipped to utilize the full value of the machine.

AFGRI Equipment Caledon has 24 employees of which more than half are technicians, showcasing the company’s client-centric focus. AFGRI Equipment has a decentralised management strategy that empowers the employees at our branch to make after-sales service their focus , we, therefore, have a large network of industry knowledge that develops throughout our people as a result.

Among the 11 executives of AFGRI Equipment lies over 200 years of experience, this network of people presents our clients with access to knowledge on equipment, precision farming technology for specific crop types, and expert opinions on farming specific to certain locations in Sub Saharan Africa and Western Australia. Jaco van Lil, the branch manager of AFGRI Equipment Caledon has over 2 decades of experience in agriculture and has been part of the John Deere dealer network exclusively for 13 years. New sources of knowledge are constantly added to the current pool of knowledge as the technology evolves and as we welcome a younger generation of farmers to the sector.

We as AFGRI Equipment are excited to see how the Caledon branch are going to take the farming community to new heights and add value to the lives of our farmers in every way that they can!


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