Gregoir G7 Grape Harvester for sale at Prime - 1.5% interest rates

Gregoire leads the way in productivity and aftersales service

AFGRI Equipment has been a dedicated partner to Gregoire grape harvesting equipment for several years now. Clients that own Gregoire equipment have commented on the great build quality, ease of use, and excellent after-sales service. The Gregoire G7 series has been a game-changer in the mechanized grape harvesting industry bringing fuel economy and picking efficiency to the forefront of the market offering.

It is with great excitement that AFGRI Equipment in partnership with Gregoire has launched a subprime lending rate on the remaining G7 harvesters. For a limited time only clients are able to apply for finance at an amazing Prime -1.5% rate. Terms and conditions apply*.

For more information please contact the following representatives:


Leon Pool
Call Now: +27 733374717 



Dirkie Engelbrecht
Call Now: +27 735388918 



Ruben Kleu
Call Now: +27 787671174 



Juan Schreuder
Call Now: +27 823791346 



Wilhelm du Preez
Call Now: +27 793507484 



Heinrich Genis
Call Now: +27 878201708 


*Subject to successful credit approval, risk profile and deal structure.

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