AFGRI Equipment John Deere 315SL TLB

Get a LOAD of This? The John Deere 315SL TLB just arrived to lift your game.

The EVER Popular John Deere 315 SL Tractor Loader Backhoe has arrived in South Africa!

The John Deere 315 SL Tractor Loader Backhoe(TLB) is a versatile and adaptable machine that is a favourite among our farmers as well as construction professionals. With John Deere keeping ultimate uptime their number one focus, the John Deere 315 SL TLB (Tractor Loader Backhoe) proves to be one of the greatest investments on any farm or construction project due to it’s small size and multifunctional ability. The John Deere 315SL comes equipped with a reliable and powerful John Deere 4045 (4,5l) turbo engine fitted with wet sleeves, providing high power and torque rise that is proven, integrated, simple for the muscle and torque needed to power through any working day.

John Deere built the 315SL with powerful and responsive hydraulics to deliver generous lift capacity and breakout to both working ends, along with impressive backhoe crowd power and swing torque. The Powershift transmission is also a game-changer and provides 5 smooth on-the-go clutch-less gear changes. With the auto-shift option enabled (via the sealed switch module), you have the smoothest shifting backhoe available on the market. The Sealed Switch Module (SSM) gives the operator a “keyless start” via operator Pin Codes (for safety and control), as well as controls numerous other functions eliminating additional switches for other functions. Making the John Deere Tractor Loader Backhoe a dream to operate as John Deere designed and intended to keep operator’s fatigue at a minimum and productivity at premium levels.

Limited-slip differential combined with mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD), provides true 4X4 performance and excellent traction in any condition, being farm or construction site by delivering up to 65% of the available power to the wheel with the best traction. The John Deere 315 SL offers ground-level service capability with a vertical spin on transmission and hydraulic filters and quick release fuel filters allow for a fast and clean filter change, with 500-hour engine oil and 2000 hour hydraulic oil change intervals. To conserve fuel and lower unnecessary emissions, auto-idle reduces the engine rpm to idle when not utilising the backhoe boom after a given period of time (as opposed to having it run at the higher selected engine rpm), as well as auto shut down turns off the engine after an operator/owner-selected period of inactivity. Making it a time and cost-efficient machine to service and most importantly keeping downtime low.

Another technological advancement that John Deere has made standard on their L-series John Deere Backhoe Loaders is onboard diagnostic technology which provides a wealth of vital and general operating information plus diagnostics of most sensors & switches for quick troubleshooting and maximum uptime. Tie in the capability of the JDLink telematics gateway, a wealth of machine health data and productivity data opens up to the owner and dealer. This can be used to further optimise the efficiency of worksite machinery and receive early warnings on machine health issues before they become major breakdowns.

John Deere designed and manufactured the John Deere Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) with operator comfort and ultimate uptime in mind, making it a must-have for any farming or construction operation.

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