John Deere N542C Air Drill

John Deere N500C Air Drill – Full Seed Ahead for Small Grain, Cover Crop, Soya

Some new planting practices have started to emerge in the eastern highveld of South Africa. Soyabean in crop rotation has been well documented and widely adopted as a great method to supplement grain cultivation and diversify. It also allows growers to distribute risk from markets and rainfall requirements. This has prompted growers to evaluate how they adress the planting season with regards to soybeans with specific importance given to row width, seed spacing, singulation accuracy, and plant speed. Other key considerations are the ability to plant a variety of crops including the increasing popularity of winter cover crops. The N500C series planters have far exceeded expectations and here is why:

The new John Deere N500C series Air drill delivers big seed capacity (5000L) CCS, with a proven and simple air drill architecture. Configuration choices to suit your operations in dual and single rank units. Available from 30 (9.1m) to 42Ft (12.8m) in width options suited to flourish in No-till and Min-till applications. So what is different from the old 1990 CCS we have come to love and respect. Well, actually a couple of things…

The N500C Air Drill has all the smarts!
1. Pro Series openers eliminate daily service point checks.
2. RelativeFlow Blockage sensors a dual-stage blockage sensor that measures the relative flow from the distribution point, past blockage sensor and alerts operators before a blockage occurs.
3. Electric Drive metering is precise, tactile, and can be calibrated from your smartphone device! Now that’s neat!
4. SectionCommand for variable rate accuracy and overlap control. Take Command of every field, hectare, and section.
5. TruSet Technology adjusts downforce and ride quality throughout changing conditions in the field, from the cab, for better seed-to-soil contact and improved germination.
6. Tank weigh cell scales with ActiveCal allows you to calibrate from the cab, what’s more, the planter will keep on recalibrating through the day. Better accuracy, better control, more money saved.
7. JDLink Connect provides an easy reliable connection to your machine, Send setup files wirelessly and monitor location, ground speed, heading, and machine status wirelessly.

John Deere Operations center serves as the HQ in turning your valuable information into a profitable plan of action. Your future potential starts here.

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