John Deere production class 1050K Dozer

John Deere’s equipment is synonymous with quality products and they are heavily tested for efficiency, and this 1050K Dozer has surpassed our expectations on performance. We sent it to a mining operation near Northam South Africa to test its productivity on-site. Some key features that came out of our 2-week on-site trial? Check out some first impressions on the John Deere 1050K here?

Some key features that stood out over the 2-week test:

* Excellent Fuel Efficiency

* Ground-level serviceability

* Access to under-cab components

* Performance of the hydrostatic drive system

* Split hydraulic system

* Air cushioned seat for better comfort and longer hours on the job

The John Deere 1050K comes with 20cm more track length than most of the competitors, which gives it a better performance in areas where traction and power to the ground are needed. Another great feature is the increased digging depth of 707mm which is 90mm more than the closest competitor. This feature works well in looser material, to move more material per pass. The 13.5L John Deere Powertech Engine coupled with the Hydrostatic transmission burns fuel at a dramatically lower rate than we expected. Average Fuel Consumption was around 40L per hour vs comparable competitive brands at almost 60L per hour. Savings on fuel could amount to approx R945 000 per year! (NOTE the fuel consumption over the total 248 hours was an average of 27.84L per hour)

Take a closer look at the 1050K suspended Double Bogie Axle.

The John Deere 1050K Dozer is built with productivity in mind, here are some base specs:

* Net Power: 261 kW (350 hp) at 1,800 RPM

* Operating Weight: 43 270–43 590 kg (95,400–96,100 lb.)

* Track on Ground: 3419 mm (134.6 in.)

If you want to know more, contact your nearest AFGRI Equipment branch or visit https://bit.ly/Dozers1050K for more information.

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