Increase Your Productivity and Reduce Your Operating Costs

Increase Your Productivity and Reduce Your Operating Costs

The John Deere 460E Articulated Dump Truck arrived in South Africa in July 2022 and our clients were promised MORE tons moved , MORE fuel economy and MORE operator comfort. John Deere ADTs deliver impressive power and torque for exceptional power-to-weight ratio and fast cycles. So you can keep working on:

  • steep slopes,
  • through deep ruts,
  • and on slippery surfaces.

We have been demonstrating this Articulated Dump Truck and we, as well as our clients are amazed at the results that this production class machine delivers. Results from our on-site tests are in, however the results are based on, and specific to operating conditions.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

According to the information available, the fuel consumption is an average of 15.04 litres per hour , which is 2 litres lower than the industry standard of 17 litres per hour (competitor machines on the same site).

The John Deere 460E-II has three drive modes available on the 460E-II ADT to help optimise the drivetrain, reduce input actions from the operator, and enable easy customisation based on the job whether it be a mine, quarry or construction site. 

1. Normal mode for everyday operation reduces fuel burn by up to 7% compared to other John Deere ADT’s.

2.Eco mode, when conditions allow, saves fuel by managing engine power delivery and optimising transmission response for those conditions, improving fuel economy by up to 12% compared to Normal Mode. 

3. Traction mode optimises differential lock for maximum tractive effort in soft OR slippery ground conditions.

The new wheel-speed sensors also provide a more accurate reading than ground-speed radar to confirm the traction-boosting auto-differential lock engagements when needed.

With these modes, your operation will save fuel costs and help reduce your operation’s environmental impact.

Make your Operator Comfortable

The operators are amazed at how quiet the machines operate, according to them it’s “more comfortable than driving a car.”

This model’s updated operator station includes features that promote increased productivity and all-round comfort. One of the most notable features is the sealed switch module, reducing the amount of switches controls by 25% compared to previous models.

The quiet, pressurised Deere-designed cab also features a new, easy-to-read monitor and rear-camera display, along with options such as premium heated/ventilated seat and automatic temperature control (ATC) system.

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