Smart Apply in South Africa

Smart Apply® is Available Through AFGRI Equipment in South Africa

AFGRI Equipment is proud to announce its new distribution partnership with Smart Apply®, the makers of an innovative Intelligent Spray Control System™ that uses LiDAR technology to revolutionize crop spraying in orchards, vineyards and other high-value crops.

What is Smart Apply®?

With Smart Apply®, farmers can enjoy greater efficiency and accuracy when it comes to applying crop protection products. The system uses a lidar laser camera to sense and measure the density and distribution of foliage, adjusting the spray volume accordingly to optimize protection. Chemical application is then measured carefully by a rate controller and PWM combination, the nozzles are then pulsed with the nozzle controllers for precise application rates. This technology ensures that only the necessary amount of product is used, reducing costs while minimizing environmental impact.

What are the benefits of Smart Apply®?

The Smart Apply System delivers precision spraying and precision data capture and analytics to growers of tree fruits and nuts, wine grapes, and nurseries.

In addition to the environmental benefits, Smart Apply® offers significant financial advantages. High-value crop farmers in South Africa can expect to see an average reduction of 30-50% in chemical usage, 93% less chemical runoff, up to 87% less airborne drift, and an average of 50% less water usage. These savings will significantly impact the bottom line for growers of tree fruits and nuts, wine grapes, and nurseries.

AFGRI Equipment is excited to be at the forefront by supplying this technology, as it continues to expand its commitment to precision technology in agriculture. With 60 years of experience as a John Deere Dealer in South Africa, AFGRI Equipment has established itself as an industry leader in precision farming. The integration of Smart Apply® with the John Deere Operations Center will provide even more precise, data-driven insights and decision-making capabilities for AFGRI Equipment’s clients in the high-value crop farming industry.

As part of the partnership agreement, AFGRI Equipment will be responsible for the aftermarket support, service, maintenance, and sales of Smart Apply®. With over 175 fully qualified technicians and 93 apprentices across 24 locations in South Africa, AFGRI Equipment is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional service to its customers.

The partnership between AFGRI Equipment and Smart Apply® marks an exciting development for precision farming in South Africa. By utilising cutting-edge technology to optimize crop protection, farmers can increase efficiency, save money, and reduce environmental impact.

For more information visit our website at and one of our agents will put you in contact with your nearest SmartApply® agent.

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