agriculture in 2023

An Overview of the Agricultural Industry from Norman Celliers

Exciting Developments in Agriculture in 2023! 

AGFRI Group CEO Norman Celliers recently shared some enlightening insights on the agricultural industry in Southern Africa at the ChrissiesMeer Study Groups Farmers Day on March 8th, 2023. As an organization, we are thrilled to have such a powerful and positive outlook on an industry that we all love! 

Despite the pandemic and economic downturn, agriculture has had two exceptionally successful years. We are moving towards a more tailored approach based on data and insights, which helps us provide products and services that deliver value to our clients. 

Thanks to platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, knowledge and information barriers in the industry are constantly being challenged, and demand for products and services that farmers need to make a difference in their farming operations is increasing. Manufacturers like John Deere now have access to key information on machine health, in-field data, and remote access to machines, which enables them to provide more efficient solutions and insights into the unique seasonal difficulties farmers are facing. 

What does the future of agriculture look like? As an organisation, we believe it is essential to start wondering what the farmer will look like 30 years from now. According to Norman, two trends are emerging: technology and social media are making it possible for farmers who live in remote areas to stay connected to the outside community, and more sons and daughters are returning to the farms from cities, locally and abroad, and learning skills from their family, peers, and advisors that will benefit farming operations. Additionally, farming is no longer a job defined by manual labour but has become a practice of science, technology, biochemistry, and business, making it an attractive occupation for women who want to enter the industry. 

Norman concludes, “There have always been challenges. If we interview farmers from 100 years ago when AFGRI was formed, they will tell us of many seemingly unsurmountable challenges they faced. But where there are challenges, there are opportunities to do things differently, do things better, and look at the situation from another perspective.” 

As one of the largest John Deere Dealers in Southern Africa, AFGRI Equipment is proud to partner with a brand that will play a crucial role in creating a more efficient, profitable, and sustainable future for our farmers. We continuously work on innovative ways to resolve our farmers’ daily challenges, and we are excited to be a part of the ever evolving agriculture industry. 

For more information on the technology available from John Deere offered through AFGRI Equipment visit our website.

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