John Deere 5045D Mod

Evaluation of John Deere 5045D & CIMA T45 1000L Vineyard Sprayer: An In-Depth Look

Date of Test: 1 August 2023
Time: 11:00
Ambient Temperature: 11 degrees Celsius

When it comes to agriculture, the right equipment combination can make all the difference. On 1 August, we took the John Deere 5045D Two Wheel Drive Modified tractor and paired it with the CIMA T45 1000L vineyard sprayer to see how they performed together. Here’s what we found:

CIMA T45 1000L Sprayer Specifications:

  • Spray hole size: No. 12, delivering a generous 1000l/hectare.
  • Tank Capacity: The tank was filled to its full 1000l capacity.
  • Pressure: The sprayer was set to an optimal 1.5 BAR.

John Deere 5045D (MOD) (2 WD) Tractor Info:

  • Full PTO: Operating at 2100 rpm and an A2 Gear, the tractor moved steadily at 4 km/h.
  • Economy PTO: When set to 1600 rpm and A3 Gear, the speed remained consistent at 4 km/h.

Performance on the Road: The test route incorporated a fairly challenging hill with a rise of approximately 80 meters and a gradient of 13 degrees. Here’s how the tractor fared:

  • During the Full power PTO mode, the tractor maintained its power commendably, showing no sign of strain or power loss while climbing.
  • However, during the Economy PTO mode, there was a noticeable PTO rpm dip, dropping from 539.6 to 502.6. This equates to a 6.85% decrease in rpm as the tractor made its way uphill.

Fuel Efficiency: Efficiency is crucial in agriculture, and our test revealed:

  • Full power PTO: Consumption was at 7.02 l/h.
  • Economical PTO: More fuel-efficient at 6.10 l/h.

Summary & Recommendation: For vineyard owners or agriculturalists working predominantly on level terrains, the combination of JD 5045D (MOD) (2 WD) and the CIMA T45 1000L is impressive. Not only do they showcase good fuel efficiency, but they also offer a short turning circle – all this at a price point that brings value to the user.

Moreover, their combined performance promises reliability and consistency, crucial factors for ensuring operational efficiency in farming. However, it’s essential to note the slight decrease in rpm in the Economy PTO mode on hilly terrains.

All in all, this combination delivers a good balance of performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for those in the market for dependable vineyard equipment.

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