Whats the Buzz around Africa Agri Tech?

The Africa Agri Tech (AAT) paves the way for the farmer of the future to achieve more with less.
John Deere placed importance on the collaboration of technologies to unlock the value of precision agriculture such as the John Deere Operations Centre that now offers More Tools as an interchange platform for agricultural organisations with different areas of expertise.  The farm of the future will operate like a well-oiled machine by managing the data provided to enrich the value chain wherein it operates.  The advent of FinTech and BlockChain technologies are creating groundbreaking opportunities for market places and traceability of products throughout the value chain. 
 John Deere views the major drivers of the next Green Revolution as Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence and Electrification. John Deere aims to take management and application from area-based to a plant-specific focus for greater yields, healthier crops and better risk management.

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