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Why us? The AFGRI Equipment EDGE!

What lies beneath a brand name? A history, a passion, and a combined focus on the future. These are building blocks of great companies that have stayed relevant over the decades. There are many products out there, some are good some are great…. but what is that secret sauce that makes up an exceptional brand?

This is our story…This is the AFGRI Equipment | EDGE


Our very own Patrick Roux takes us through the rich history between the partnership of AFGRI Equipment and John Deere that spans over 58 years. A lot has changed in agriculture over the decades and AFGRI Equipment is now present in five countries across two continents, our strength lies in our people, and our investment in them will remain at the heart and core of what we do and why we still exist. Most of our technicians are carefully selected as apprentices, we then take the time and make the investment to educate and skill them to be the most proficient in the trade. Our aftersales staff has a wealth of resources and knowledge, in technical specialists and precision farming specialists, at their disposal to deliver the best possible service to our farmers and the machines we love.

Watch the first episode in our series below and stay tuned for more episodes to come!

Episode 2

In the second episode of Tech Terrain Show powered by John Deere Africa, there was a lot to be said about the new John Deere 6B Series and its versatility, dependability, and affordability.

The 6B has had a lot of interest over the last couple of days, weeks, and months. It somehow reminds us of a 6603 that was very popular in SA, combined with elements from the previous 6020 series. Both of these tractors require no introduction as they have field-proven themselves as benchmarks in reliability and uptime.
When we heard all this, we just had to get out and test it for ourselves. The only problem was that we couldn’t get the boss off of the new John Deere 6135B! Well, there is always next time……


Episode 3

AFRIKAANS ONLY! – In die derde episode van Tech Terrain Show powered by John Deere Africa het ons meer inligting verkry oor die belangrikheid van tegnologie en die aanvaarding daarvan as ‘n proses.Die nuwe John Deere 8R het ook die tonge behoorlik aan die klap. Dit is die grootste, sterkste en slimste 8R reeks trekker nog ooit van John Deere. Hierdie trekker is gebou met gemak in gerief in gedagte vir daai lang dae, waar die hektare verby moet rol. Die uitleg en ingeboude tegnologie maak dit geskik vir enige operateur se vlak van vaardigheid. Staatmaker soos altyd, hierdie trekker sal die voortou neem in die groen revolusie.

Episode 4

AFRIKAANS ONLY! This week we take a look at the new high-speed disc harrow from Rovic Leers, a concept that has seen increased use and results in recent years. This year we are faced with Maize crops that are slow to dry off and this will put pressure on land preparation, and ultimately seedbed preparation. The High-speed disc harrow does an amazing job at residue sizing and incorporation with its heavy large-diameter discs. Each disc is mounted on its own “hangar” which is supported by poly roll suspension systems to take the knocks and shocks of a rapidly moving Disc. This implement can be fitted with a heavy-duty crumble roller to manage those tough clods and leave a bespoke seedbed. The operating speed of this High-speed disc harrow is between 12 – 15km/h and for that reason, it is fitted with heavy-duty sealed bearings. contact your nearest AFGRI Equipment branch for more information or visit

Episode 5

In Episode 5 we take a look at the Beroni 4 furrow mouldboard beam plow. These ploughs are built on tried and tested technology and are ultra-strong and rigid for the toughest conditions in Africa. The mouldboard plough is built on a heavy-duty beam design, the wear components such as the ploughshares, landsides and boards are produced from quality high tensile steel for longevity. Beroni’s beam plough comes standard with a depth control gauge wheel to ensure a uniform working depth, as well as shear bolts to protect against implement damage. The Beroni portfolio of equipment is distributed exclusively by AFGRI Equipment. For more information drop us a mail at [email protected]

Episode 6

In Episode 6 we look at the most reliable tractor on the market today. It is the 55- 75Hp John Deere 5E series available in 3 different transmission choices. The affordable 8F/2R Collar shift, The transport friendly 9F/3R Top Shaft Synchro transmission or the very versatile 12F/12R Powr Reverser. The latter is suited to any job from pulling a plough to mounting a front end loader. The 5075E is built strong with a heavy-duty engine block to take the extra load in difficult conditions as we encounter in Africa. Contact your nearest AFGRI Equipment branch to discuss the wonderful John Deere 5075E today or visit


Episode 7

The Beroni product line of implements offers quality components, designs based on proven results at a price point that is super attractive. Combine that with the fact that you will have AFGRI Equipment looking after your product with service and support. BERONI offers a comprehensive lineup of equipment that is sure to suit your farming operations. Buying your next piece of equipment just got a lot easier.

Episode 8

The John Deere 6M has always been a reliable asset to farmers across Africa. Built strong, powerful efficiency above expectation, and now more connected than ever. The updated Model 2020/2021 offers more options to fine-tune farm efficiencies further. Sporting optional rack and pinion axles for a wider row or, managed traffic fields. A more spacious cab and effective layout with corner post displays.

The MY2020 John Deere 6M series will not disappoint.

For more information contact your nearest AFGRI Equipment branch or visit

Episode 9


Getting the right combination of efficiency and quality results when it comes to implements can be challenging. In a world where our farmers have to constantly pursue better drainage, soil aeration, seedbed preparation, planting quality, and residue management… few do it better than Lemken. These high-speed disc harrows have opened up a new frontier of primary and secondary tillage efficiency, proof to this is the rise in popularity over the last 5 years. Better results, faster turnaround times at a fraction of the fuel… now that is an innovation worth testing out!

Visit your nearest AFGRI Equipment Branch or and ask us about the different ranges.








Episode 10


The Kuhn 4830 Inline ripper is gaining a lot of momentum as a reduced tillage implement. The ripper is fitted with large omnidirectional disc coulters to cut through residue and stalks. This is critical to allow a free movement path for the heavy-duty ripper tynes to do their job.

With a maximum working depth of 475mm deep, this machine is well suited to aerate and loosen soil throughout the main root formation soil profile. The main focus of the Kuhn 4830 is to provide a quality, deep soil fracture without overly disrupting the topsoil composition. Thus minimizing water loss and wind disruption.

The compact format makes it a dream to handle and you will pick up the difference in machine efficiency in Hectares per hour.

The Kuhn Krause 4830 Inline ripper has seen major interest over the past two years and many farmers look at combining this implement with NH3 applicators.

For more information contact your nearest AFGRI Equipment Branch or visit


Episode 11


The Rovic Leers DLB 19 and Super 19 require very little introduction. For more than 20 years they have been at the forefront in terms of market share and customer satisfaction. The simplicity and low cost of operation of the ripper range have been 2 key drivers in their success story. The active tine system allows the ripper standards to absorb jolts and minimises the stress on the frame. These wonderful rippers are fitted with leaf spring systems that ensure a secondary sub-terrain fracture and also auto resets the tine if an obstacle is encountered. For more information on the legendary Rovic Leers DLB or Super range, contact your nearest AFGRI Equipment Branch or visit

Episode 12


The new John Deere 7R comes with some major upgrades! While the gap is getting smaller between the Kw range of the 6M and the 8R the new 7R still has a lot of benefits to offer. While having a larger build the new 7R is larger and heavier than the 6195M model and does offer a lot more options in terms of adjustable pinion tire sizes. It also offers some really nice options with regards to the transmission choices. Pair it with the best cab in the business and you have a winner. Talk to us now about the highly customizable new 7R range of tractors from John Deere.


Episode 13

Final Episode!


Boerdery het verander maar die fundamentele aksies op plase het nog hoofsaaklik dieselfde gebly.

Dit is ‘n feit dat die tegnologie geweldig verander het oor die afgelope 15 jaar wat ons boere in staat gestel het om meer te produseer met minder insette en meer doeltreffendheid.

AFGRI Equipment sal aanhou belê in opleiding en om nuwe tegnologie beskikbaar te stel soos die behoefte groei om nog beter te produseer.

Met dit sal ons graag dankie wil sê aan al ons boere, produsente en verskaffers vir wie voedsel sekuriteit na aan die hart lê. Voorspoed!


Farming has changed, but the fundamental actions on farms have stayed the same.

It is a fact that technology has changed considerably over the last 15 years, this has enabled farmers to produce more with fewer inputs and better efficiencies.

AFGRI Equipment will keep on investing in training and introducing new technologies to the market as requirements grow to produce even more.

On this note, we would like to thank all of our farmers, growers, and suppliers in the value chain for whom food security is of the utmost importance. All the best!




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