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Virtual NAMPO Day 3 – Live Webinar on the AFGRI Equipment Apprenticeship Program

AFGRI Equipment has always taken great pride in the investment of our staff and has never doubted that the secret recipe to our success lies firmly in the manner which we value our employees, our Apprenticeship Program lies at the heart and soul of our company as no machine will run without the magic touch of our AFGRI Equipment technician team!

The coordinator of the Apprenticeship program, Gerhard Mathee, or “Dumpies” as we all know him, takes us through the Apprenticeship Journey from Phase 1 and explains the benefits of the workplace exposure and what the 85-week process entails. The competition is fierce, and there are over 4000 applications per year, over 140 applicants get invited for interviews and a series of aptitude and practical tests ensue, the final stage entails that the 32 best candidates are appointed! Dumpies emphasizes that these candidates are trained, mentored, and continuously educated by peers this is why AFGRI requires the full commitment of top tier candidates! The process of apprenticeship to qualified technicians takes approximately 3 years and costs R500 000 per student, for this reason, we are looking for driven, diligent and passionate applicants.

Dumpies and Etienne discuss what to expect regarding the requirements to apply and the interview process for a candidate who is going to make it all the way!

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next TOP Technician?

APPLY using the link below! ? If you missed the webinar, please catch the highlights by watching the video below!





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