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AFGRI Equipment Training session on the Latest Trends in Precision Farming



We have always taken pride in the constant investment in our people and a perfect example of this was demonstrated on the 16th and 17th of September 2020. Sales teams and branch managers took part in the latest AMS training on new product releases. It is of the utmost importance to us that our staff are knowledgable and well trained on product advancements in the industry. This is to ensure they can deliver the best possible service to our farmers and equip them with the latest technology available, to run their farming operations as optimally as possible!

The training was divided into the following four stages, stage one was where Shaun Shwartz gave a detailed explanation of the latest subscriptions available, the offerings of the operations center, and the functionality and benefits of the JD Link platform. JDLink further provides critical codes to dealership technical staff, this can be utilized to cut downtime by as much as 50%, not to mention the preventative alerts that could save your machine from serious failure.

Station 2 was focused on two of the latest technologies available to our farmers at the moment firstly Exact Apply which is an Intelligent nozzle control system where the precision of the nozzles and digital mapping of the system was showcased. Exactapply gives a higher definition to the field by utilizing a 30Hz spraying pulse algorithm, this is 2-3times greater than any competitive brand. Therefore areas of the field are mapped with better definition which enables higher spraying accuracy with tighter tolerances, this saves hundreds of thousands in costs. Secondly, the ExactEmerge planter technology was explored and proves to deliver extra yield. Exactemerge units are extremely precise, enabling the operator to run at speeds of 16km/h (double the norm) without sacrificing spacing and population accuracy. These units deliver variability per row and rowcommand offers auto-shutoff and start functionality turning planting operations into the smartest investment a farmer can make given the importance of the planting window of opportunity.

Station 3 was all about a new cutting edge technology called T3rraCutta which is the world’s most advanced in-cab ditching/levelling/levee system. In conjunction with John Deere’s iGrade technology it allows you to survey, design, optimize, and implement leveling, drain, and ditching operations with ease. These technologies were explained in depth while each marketer got the opportunity to demo the technology on the John Deere 1412DE (Door Ejector Scraper) to properly experience its power and precision! Automatically cutting and dumping to reach the exact designed levels. Always dreamt of creating that designer field? Now you can manage slope, influence water retention, or even build a dam!

Station 4 was the team from Falcon Equipment and Amazone to show what their new products have to offer and our marketers were taken through the Gen 4 screen and the new benefits that it offers farmers. The functionality of these technologies were demonstrated on the new Amazone ZA-TS spreader with ISOBUS. The Amazone ZA-TS spreader boasts with precise hydraulic motor drives and 3 functional areas of variability. Variable speed spinners available in units that spread from 18m – 54m, variable aperture setting on the fertilizer delivery and variable drop off points to ensure accurate delivery of product throughout the dispersion arc. Why so much variability you ask? Fertiliser has become extremely expensive and the benefits of having a uniform dispersion are well published. However the engineers at Amazone have taken it a step further and split the dispersion arc of the spreader into no less than 128 virtual sections! Now that is some UHD spreading capability!

This intense training took place over two days and is a testament for the passion that AFGRI Equipment has for farming technology and the high standard of our service offering , and most importantly that our people are well equipped to provide the best possible service to our farmers.

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