Stay Connected to your Machine with JDLink™

John Deere is now offering customers the JDLink™ connectivity subscription service at no additional charge, making it easier for clients to connect to their machines and to stay connected to their operation. JDLink has been available for some time in Southern African countries and has enjoyed expansive growth and utilisation over the past 3 years. With the announcement made on the 14th of July 2021 that the subscription service will be offered free with JDLink, we are expecting exponential growth in this technology especially when the hardware will be embedded in base on most participating models.

What is JDLink?

JDLink™ is a telematics system that remotely connects owners and operators to their equipment. It enables connection to most models of John Deere equipment fitted with a CANBUS and provides alerts and information including the location of your equipment, usage reports, performance, and maintenance data. Simply put, JDLink is a digital connection between you and your machines.

How does JDLink™ work?

JDLink™ operates on cellular technology just like a mobile phone. There is a cellular modem installed referred to as the modular telematics gateway, or MTG. This cellular modem gives your machine an internet connection and allows it to both transmit and receive data on the online JDLink web platform. Many types of data can be transferred to and from the machine including machine usage information like fuel and critical trouble codes, machine location, and other stats. In addition, geospatial field information files for planting, harvest, application, and tillage can be automatically transferred from the machine to the John Deere Operations Centre for further analysis and reporting.

What features can John Deere JDLink™ provide for my Construction Operation?

In-base connectivity standard with most new construction equipment purchases*
Grade Management (Grade PRO)
Payload Weighing (Load RITE)
Machine grouping
Alert escalation logic
Dealer data services/third party access
Distance traveled
Engine hours
Maintenance tracking
JDLink™ mobile app
Equipment utilization and engine load levels
Fuel consumption
Operator productivity indicators
Payload and trip counter for ADTs
Tire pressure monitoring
Diagnostic trouble code alerts (Expert Alerts)
Remote diagnostics and programming capability (Service Advisor Remote)
Dual-mode satellite option
On-demand updates

Machine data collected by JDLink™ includes:

Driving Directions
Hours of Operation
Missed Calls
Time and feature utilization
Fuel consumption
Engine and machine health
Machine performance

Now that we have covered some of the basics, the next question is “why?”

The data and feedback provided from JDLink™ allow the owners and operators to firstly, improve productivity by putting the correct machine on the job and ensuring its proper operation. Secondly to improve uptime by enabling remote diagnostics and programming, easily keeping track of maintenance, and reacting quickly to critical alerts. The opportunity to improve daily operating costs, tracking the overall fuel consumption and idle time, as well as the fuel usage on the job site.

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Check out the Video here for AGRICULTURE

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Check out the Video here for Construction


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