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Add your Parts to Cart with JD Parts Catalog and get wiser with Customer Service Advisor.

John Deere and AFGRI Equipment understand that empowering equipment owners to all the information pertinent to their machines is crucial for delivering on our customer service promise. One way that John Deere has simplified the experience and process of ordering parts is through the creation and implementation of the platform known as John Deere Parts or Parts Catalog as many will call it.

John Deere Parts Catalog allows equipment owners to firstly select their nearest John Deere Dealer, then perform a parts search query by the model, PIN/Serial Number, or Equipment type. The options are also there to search for parts by other manufacturers, this information enables the John Deere customer to view each part and component involved in the machine assembly, and then order it from their nearest John Deere Dealer.

A great parts system is critically important to the after-sales support given by the dealer as the uptime of the machine is dependant on the turnaround time of repair, a downed machine can incur great costs and timeline impediments which often dwarfs the cost of repair. For this reason, AFGRI Equipment and John Deere put measures in place to get the equipment running as soon as possible and thus the need for a comprehensive, accurate, and timely parts solution. John Deere Parts Catalog allows clients to act proactively and transparently with the dealer network to ensure the ultimate uptime of their machine.

John Deere has also empowered their connected customers with the introduction of Customer Service ADVISOR™, which is a digital database of Operator, Diagnostic, and Technical manuals for John Deere Products such as John Deere Construction Equipment and John Deere Agricultural Equipment. This paid subscription allows users to connect to machines with an Electronic Data Link (EDL) to clear and refresh codes, take diagnostic readings, and perform calibrations. This platform allows clients to clear alert codes and analyse diagnostic readings themselves to serving the needs of the equipment independently if needed.

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