Combine Inspection Promotion

We all understand that mechanical breakdowns are one of a farmer’s biggest concerns in season. At AFGRI Equipment we have implemented a preventative measure by introducing COMBINE HARVESTER inspection programs at discounted rates! Thus limiting the probability of component failure and having your green machine running at optimal efficiency. Inspection programs are based on a 175 point investigation of major Combine components and settings. The normal cost for a thorough inspection of this nature is R7800 excl vat, and we are offering the same service for R4500 Excl Vat. A small price to pay for a whole lot of peace of mind!

We will supply you with a quote and if you decide to accept there is even more discount!

* Commission your repair as a result of the inspection through one of our workshops before:

– 28 February 2022 and receive a 10% Discount on parts and labour.

– 31 March 2022 and receive a 6% Discount on parts and labour.

– 30 April 2022 and receive a 4% Discount on parts and labour.

Contact your nearest AFGRI Equipment branch and book now.


Terms and Conditions apply.#InspectToProtect

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