John Deere 724K Loader with fitted Coal Bucket

The John Deere 724K Loader with fitted Coal Bucket

The AFGRI Equipment Construction team are excited to introduce the first John Deere 724K Loader with a fitted 5.3 cube coal bucket! This production loader far outperforms its weight class due to fast cycle times and power to the ground.

When coal’s the goal, do it with Deere!

The John Deere 724K loader functions well alongside other pieces of equipment in your production fleet and is already peaking a lot of interest by performing on par with larger competitors. Its versatility makes it easy to use in a multitude of jobs, and its break out features, coupled with its built-in productivity-enhancing hallmarks make this loader a winner!

This specific John Deere 724K loader is the ideal machine for coal mining and aggregate loading operations and was fitted with a coal bucket to increase payload and the versatility, utility and productivity of our client’s operations. This loader has a 5.3 cubic meter bucket capacity, a great feature to have when you’re working on a tight deadline and have a lot of material to move. This is a great option if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that’s ultra-reliable yet affordable.

The John Deere 724K Product Specifications

The John Deere 724K fitted with the following:

  • 6-cylinder 9 litre engine developing 197kw nett power output
  • operating weight 19 299kg; breakout force 15 607 kg
  • rated operating load (payload) 7 140 kg
  • standard bucket configuration 3,6 cubic meters; optional coal bucket of 5,3 cubic meters and a high density bucket of 2.2 – 2.9 cubic meters (depending on the specific gravity of your material)

But why the John Deere 724K Loader?

  • Incredible fuel economy suited for an operation that is focused on the bottom line
  • Operator Comfort – The John Deere 724K Loader offers a spacious, ergonomically designed and comfortable cab with great visibility from the operator’s station

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