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John Deere Trade a Toy: Bigger and Better in 2023! 

We are thrilled to announce that our beloved annual event, Trade a Toy, is back — and it’s not just returning; it’s expanding. 

For the past two years, AFGRI Equipment Middelburg has been at the heart of the Trade a Toy initiative, a remarkable event where the spirit of giving shines brightly. The joy and the energy of the previous years have driven us to scale this event, and this year we are elated to share that not one, not two, but three AFGRI Equipment branches will be hosting the Trade a Toy event! 

What is Trade a Toy? 

For those who might be new to this initiative, Trade a Toy is not just any event. It’s a day where we invite members of the community to bring along their preloved toys—whether they are John Deere toys or any other brand—and trade them in. While John Deere toys are warmly welcomed, we cherish every usable toy that comes our way. These toys are then donated to a local charity chosen by the respective branch, ensuring that every child experiences the joy of receiving a toy. It’s our way of giving back to the community and making a difference, one toy at a time. 

Key Dates & Locations: 

AFGRI Equipment Middelburg – 11th November 

AFGRI Equipment Delmas – 18th November 

AFGRI Equipment Bethlehem – 25th November 

These dates represent more than just days on a calendar; they are opportunities. Opportunities to participate, to donate, to make a child’s day, and to be part of a chain reaction of kindness. 

What’s New This Year? 

With two more branches, we expect a broader reach, more toys, and more joyous children! Each branch will have its unique touch, with special activities, distinct charities, and delightful surprises in store for attendees. 

How Can You Participate? 

Gather & Prep: Begin by sorting through toys at home. Whether your child has outgrown a toy or if there are toys in good condition that are gathering dust, consider bringing them to Trade a Toy. 

Trade: On the event day, visit your chosen AFGRI Equipment branch, trade in your preloved toys, and watch as they embark on a new journey to spread the Deere Cheer!  

Celebrate: Do not rush off after trading! Stick around for some fun. Each branch will feature jumping castles for the kids, a braai serving delicious boerewors rolls, and goodie bags for attendees to take home. Revel in the festivities, connect with the community, and soak in the happiness of knowing you’ve made a difference. 

Trade a Toy has always been about more than toys. It’s a celebration of community, compassion, and connection. This year, with the expansion to three branches, our ambition to create ripples of positivity is even more grand. 

Join us, spread the word, and let us make Trade a Toy 2023 the most memorable one yet! 

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