John Deere Dealer of the Year 2023

Celebrating Excellence: AFGRI Equipment’s Triumph at the John Deere Awards 2023

AFGRI Equipment John Deere Dealer of the year 2023

We at AFGRI Equipment are thrilled to share some extraordinary news from this year’s John Deere Awards. Our team’s hard work and dedication have culminated in a series of remarkable achievements, headlined by AFGRI Equipment North being crowned Dealer of the Year for the second consecutive time. This prestigious award is a testament to the consistent excellence and dedication exhibited by every AFGRI employee.

🌟 A Victory for the Entire AFGRI TEAM 🌟

The Dealer of the Year award is more than just a trophy; it’s a symbol of our team’s hard work, commitment, and passion. It reflects the long hours, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer service that are the hallmarks of our brand.

🙏 Heartfelt Gratitude to Our Team 🙏

We extend our deepest thanks to every member of the AFGRI team. Your dedication to excellence is the driving force behind our success. This achievement has been a collective effort, with each role within our organization playing a crucial part in reaching this milestone.

🌱 Looking Ahead with Ambition 🌱

We are inspired to use this moment as a stepping stone to further our goals, push our boundaries, and continue delivering exceptional service. Together, as a unified team, we look forward to achieving even more.

Celebrating Individual and Team Achievements

Beyond the Dealer of the Year, we’re proud to celebrate several other significant wins:

  • Top Construction Segment Growth
  • Highest Construction Sales Growth
  • Parts Expert of the Year: 1st Place Morne Cloete, 2nd Place Magda Wallace, 3rd Place Abraham Mouton, Top 5 MG Labuschagne
  • Technician of the Year: 1st Place Ruan Kriel, 2nd Place Stefan de Klerk, 3rd Place Izak de Lange (absent)
  • Workshop of the Year: 1st Place Harrismith, 3rd Place Bethlehem
  • C&F Workshop Labour Sales: 1st Place Middelburg
  • Parts Sales Branch of the Year: 1st Place Lydenburg
  • C&F Awards Salesperson of the Year: 1st Place Leon Pool, 2nd Place Klinton Kane, 3rd Place Susan Hutton
  • PowerGard Contract Expert: 2nd Place Theunis Verster, 3rd Place Philip Human
  • Small AG Sales Expert of the Year: 1st Place Paul van Rensburg, 3rd Place Sarel Opperman
  • Large Ag Sales Expert of the Year: 2nd Place Paul van Rensburg

Congratulations to all our teams and individuals who have excelled in their respective categories. Your achievements underscore the strength and talent within AFGRI Equipment.

Once again, congratulations to every member of the AFGRI team on these outstanding achievements. Here’s to continued success and excellence in the years to come!

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