John Deere 650P Dozer

John Deere 650P Dozer

Small in Stature, Huge on features!

In the dynamic world of construction, size may be a factor, but intelligence and reliability matter even more!

Meet the NEWEST technological innovator in compact series dozers, the John Deere 650P-Tier Dozer. Small in stature but huge on features, combining intelligence, reliability, and cutting-edge features.

What’s New on the 650P -Tier Dozer?

  • Redesigned Cab for Ultimate Comfort: The operator’s comfort takes center stage with a revamped cab including an upgraded seat, temperature-controlled HVAC systems and 14% larger cab space. Now, operators can work longer hours without compromising on comfort.
  • Enhanced Front Visibility: The hood has been lowered and re-profiled to provide improved front visibility. This design adjustment ensures operators to have a clear line of sight, enhancing overall safety and efficiency on the job.
  • Intuitive Controls for Effortless Operation: The controls have been seamlessly integrated into ergonomically designed, low effort joysticks with a 203mm touch screen display, ensuring effortless navigation and interaction with slope control.
  • 128-Inch-Wide Blade for Increased Capacity: The large 128-inch-wide blade not only increases the dozers capacity but also effectively minimizes damage caused by material spillage behind the blade.

Why choose the 650P-Tier Dozer?

  • Adaptable Precision Construction Technology: The 650P-Tier Dozer enables customers to incorporate additional technology throughout the machine’s lifespan, ensuring adaptability.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With a fuel tank capacity of 202 litres (53.45 gallons), the 650P-Tier Dozer is designed with fuel efficiency in mind. The standard Eco mode automatically adjusts the engine speed and power-train settings based on the load the dozer carries, maximizing fuel usage by up to 20 percent.
  • Easily Accessible Parts: Parts for the 650P-Tier Dozer are readily available online. Additionally, a nationwide support and service network ensures that downtime is minimized.

The John Deere 650P-Tier Dozer is not just a piece of machinery; it’s a game-changer in the world of compact dozers. From operator comfort to cutting-edge technology and safety features, this powerhouse is ready to redefine construction efficiency. Small in stature, but immense in capabilities, the 650P-Tier Dozer is ready to leave a lasting impact on construction sites worldwide.

Get your John Deere 650 P, powerhouse today and experience the #AFGRIequipmentEDGE today. John Deere #NeverIdle

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