Introducing The John Deere 844P Wheel Loader: Redefining Efficiency and Productivity.

Discover the cutting-edge features of the John Deere 844P Wheel Loader, the new P-tier production class machine designed to elevate efficiency and performance on any worksite. These loaders are a game changer!

Let’s delve into what makes this a game-changer!

New Technology for Enhanced Operations:

Our purpose-built 844 P-Tier introduces advanced technology, featuring enhanced visibility and optional radar object detection systems. The integrated advanced vision system ensures superior visual quality, combining rearview mirror and rear cameras into a single cab display. Dynamic reversal path lines enhance operator visibility, projecting the loader’s anticipated path to prevent potential equipment damage.

Increased Functionality with Electrohydraulic Controls:

Electrohydraulic (EH) controls empower operators to customize machine operations, optimizing settings for increased productivity. This includes options for soft hydraulic stops at the end of travel or joystick release.

Upgraded Serviceability Experience:

Improvements in electrical and hydraulic routing, along with features like ground-level servicing and Quad Cool, enhance efficiency and durability. Daily service checks and fuel refills are conveniently grouped at ground level on the left side of the machine for easy access. Enhanced wire harness routing and additional retention points reduce wear and tear.

Power & Fuel Efficiency for Cost-Effective Operations:

P-tier loaders, like the 844P, deliver a net power of 311 kW (417 hp) and up to 9% less fuel consumption than K-series machines. This model offers better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs with a smaller engine oil capacity. Features like a Shuttle Shift, Standard Automatic Ride Control, and a dedicated steering pump further improve multifunction performance and fuel efficiency.

Little-Known Facts:

  • A seatbelt minder sends an alert to JDLink if the safety belt isn’t latched within 30 seconds after the parking brake is released.
  • Log-handler and pipe-handler setups provide 15% more tipping-load capacity in full-turn configurations compared to the 844K.

John Deere have pulled all the stops by putting the Performance, Productivity, and Power into the new P-Series production class equipment. Want to find out more visit our loaders page now! And Experience the #AFGRIequipmentEDGE

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