John Deere 310L TLB

The John Deere 310L Tractor Loader Backhoe

AFGRI Equipment is excited to announce that the John Deere 310L has arrived on the shores of South Africa and is up for any job that needs to be done from farming to construction! The John Deere 310L compliments the very well known and incredibly popular John Deere 315SL.

Why do you need the John Deere 310L?

Increased productivity is within easy reach in an L-Series Backhoe. Loader-control grip and pilot controls provide effortless, fingertip operation of the backhoe and loader, while other machine functions are conveniently located on the steering column. The John Deere 310L is fitted with a turbocharged John Deere Engine 4045 (4 Cylinder, 4,5L displacement) and delivers at 63KW at a very low engine rpm.

Features of the John Deere 310L

For long term durability and excellent fuel efficiency , the powerful John Deere 4045 turbo charged engine allows for an effortless and economic operation, whether it be on a farm or construction site, your operator will be able to spend long hours in the cab, while your bottom line doesn’t feel the impact of the rising fuel prices.

John Deere understands that a comfortable operator is a productive operator and has built their cabs with operator comfort being the central focus. The John Deere 310L TLB boasts an ergonomic cab design, 360 degrees of visibility and controls that are within easy reach.

Both the John Deere 315SL and 310L TLB come standard with a 1 cube bucket which makes it an excellent option for utility operations!

Our product experts are very excited to organise demonstrations so that our clients can see how well this machine works for themselves!

Contact Us or send us a WhatsApp to request a demo today!

For more information on our premium equipment offering visit our website and watch our most recent video on the comparison between the John Deere 310L and John Deere 315SL below:

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